Sunday, July 27, 2014


The adorable Mai was in town recently for work, so a bunch of us MQG peeps got together for a fun potluck dinner. It's so much fun to visit with IG friends when they come to town!  Mai had previously been a personal sherpa flying gifts between Oahu and Vancouver for me, so I wanted to make her a little thank you present.

It was a last minute plan that came together thanks to the great free tutorial at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  I have a small stash of AMH voiles on hand, so I was able to sew up this infinity scarf in no time!

Pink Chalk Fabrics free infinity scarf pattern made up in AMH voile.

I mentioned on IG that the scarf is draped on one of my precious wooden hangers, handmade by my great-grandad Sparks. He lived in a little cottage beside my paternal grandparent's home in a small town outside Montreal  (Saraguay) that has since been incorporated into the city. He had a sunporch with a workbench at the back of the cottage where he planed wood and bent metal and glued up coat hangers. I don't know if he sold them, or just made them for family, but I am lucky enough to have a few.  Sadly, the family home and cottage are long gone now, replaced with a housing development years ago.  I have a few memories of the swing that hung between the house and the cottage, and my great-granddad's big hairy dog Buster that would sleep against the picket fence gate. Mostly I remember the smell of the sunporch, which was sawdust and toast....but I digress.


Back to the infinity scarf.  The pattern is super easy and there are only a few inches of hand-sewing required. I highly recommend it for a quick gift!


Dianne said...

What a lovely memory Krista! The scarf is lovely and was, I have no doubt gratefully received!

Tina Short said...

Beautiful scarf but the memories are priceless. Smells are so evocative and sometimes trigger such intense feelings and memories - creosote does it for Dads garden shed full of tools and fishing gear.

Nita said...

Great idea....voile would make a lovely scarf - I'll look the tutorial up! And thanks for sharing the memory :)

Leanne said...

That is a beautiful memory. I love the scarf too, I have made a few and have fabric to make more for presents at the holidays this year as they are fast and so pretty.

Katy Cameron said...

Love both the scarf and the hanger!