Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old Blighty

Post Fat Quarterly Retreat last month, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel north for a few days visit with one of my oldest bloggy friends, Lynne. I've been threatening to show up at her doorstep for a few years. I'm not sure she ever thought I would, but I did!  Lynne impressed me no end by driving us out of London VIA PICADILLY CIRCUS! Seriously, people drive through that craziness? I thought only double-decker buses and delivery vans attempted that, but her GPS took us through the heart, as it were. That was pretty cool.

After a couple of hours driving north, we arrived in the countryside of Derbyshire near the town of Ashbourne. I just loved walking around this perfectly English town (at least, the perfect English towns of my mind's eye). I took a lot of pictures.  When you come from a country that was born after most of these buildings had already been standing for 100 years, historic towns like this are a visual treat. Plus, they'd been so kind to hang the buntings for me.


The date was July 22; wee Prince George decided to share my birthday! I thought a pic of this house number was in order.

This may be my fav photo from the UK. Letter box, check. Phone box, check. Jack Russell in window (can you find him?), check. 

Ashbourne, UK

Ashbourne, UK

Ashbourne, UK
Hanging topiary!

We're definitely in the countryside.

A sweet gift shop/paint-your-own-pottery studio where Lynne's twins and their cousin busied themselves painting so I could stroll around town snapping pictures.




One late afternoon we also took a stroll through the local village that had me exclaiming left, right and centre. It was the full kit: stone walls, stone church, stone houses. Roaming chickens. Gardens fit for Peter Rabbit. Absolutely storybook! I will forever think of this village now when I read Alan Bradley's books and imagine Flavia and Gladys zooming along these country roads at breakneck speed. 


The cheeky Eve photobombing my letterbox 

Parwich, UK
This one's authentic...not sure the telephone is still functioning, though.

Parwich, UK
The sweet village school

Parwich, UK

Parwich, UK

Parwich, UK
If you've read any of Flavia's adventures, can't you just picture her skulking around this graveyard, searching for clues in the early morning mist?

Parwich, UK
I've never seen such huge Monkey Puzzle trees!

Parwich, UK
Cows! These girls walk by Lynne's front gate four times a day to and from the milking barn.

There you have it, friends. That ends the photo story of my summer trip.  I've been sewing a little and have fun things to share, but my kids don't go back to school until after Labour Day, so it's still busy family times around here. I hope everyone is enjoying summer as much as we are.


Tracey Jacobsen said...

back door to the ministry of magic there???

Beautiful pictures! I'm jealous in the really happy for you kind of way!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Looks amazing! Now you know why I love living in England so much!!!

MariQuilts said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Krista....I'm thinking you girls had a blast!! Lynne's pretty special. she's the one that encouraged me to start blogging and was my very first follower. Thanks again.

Catherine said...

Lynne does live in a beautiful part of the country! Fantastic pictures

Nova said...

you are making me homesick! x gorgeous gorgeous pics :)

Laura said...

Lovely photos! Looks amazing. Glad you had a good time.

Svetlana said...


Lynz said...

Isn't it chocolate box pretty? Although now I'm interested why Nigel's butchers has a Union flag and a Saltire flying outside. Do we think Nige is perhaps an incomer? *g*

Elsa said...

Such lovely photos and I did see the Jack Russell! Thanks for sharing your adventures ~ makes me really want to go to England!

Barb said...

Gorgeous pictures, Krista! Thanks for sharing Lynne's village...I'm in love!

What Comes Next? said...

what a wonderful little spot - a real memory generator - perfect English countryside!

Heather D. said...

Just wonderful Krista. So not like Canada! I love everything about these photos.

Unknown said...

What an idealic trip! Absolutely beautiful....so happy for you..

Angela said...

Eep! It is something out of a storybook. How wonderfully perfect!

Katy Cameron said...

I'm giggling at the Scottish flag in your English town too :oD Glad you had fun though!

Amy DeCesare said...

I don't always appreciate bloggers' posts without any sewing, but I absolutely enjoyed this one to the fullest! Such fantastic photos, and thanks soooo much for sharing them!

Patti said...

Glorious photos! Thanks for the imagery that I can now use while following Flavia's escapades!

Dianne said...

That church yard looks just like imagined St Tancreds would look like! Did you look about for a run down mansion by any chance??
Lovely photo essay Krista, small wonder you enjoyed yourself! How could you not is such a lovely town?

Leanne said...

You take such nice pictures, thank you for sharing them. It really is a picture perfect village.

Live a Colorful Life said...

I really enjoyed these beautiful pictures. How special

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos! Feels like you take me there, but I still really want to see these villages for myself. They really are straight out of a British detective series aren't they.

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, I am from England but have lived in Canada now for 12 years, lovely to see home again.