Sunday, August 11, 2013

FQR - The Good Stuff

After a big trip, it takes me some time to decompress, reflect, and organize my thoughts, images, souvenirs and laundry.  The London week was so full and exciting it still fills my mind on a daily basis as I recall things I saw, people I met and places I visited. Not really knowing how to break it all down for sharing, I thought I would begin by showing you all of the incredible handmades that came home with me, and segue into the incredible people I met.

Here's an all-in-one shot of my loot:

Fat Quarterly Retreat handmades

Everything is so fab that each one deserves it's own picture, though. First I'll start off with items from the "Sample Swap". This was cleverly arranged by Trash via the retreat Flickr group. People signed up and said what they would like to make and Trash organized all of us into secret groups of 4 or 5 swappers, careful to make sure there were a variety of items being made amongst the members of each group.  We posted photos in the Flickr pool prior to retreat so that everyone could get excited and hope for their favorite items.  I think I may have squealed with joy when I heard Jo's name called in my group. I was in love with her beautiful Liberty Matryoshka dolls and was so happy that one would come home with me!

Liberty Matryoshka doll by Jo 

I know from Flickr that Di makes lovely things, so when her name was called for our group, I couldn't wait to see what she'd brought. This plastic window pouch/roll up will be super handy. I just can't decide if I will fill it with sewing notions, or perhaps use it as a travel case for toiletries.  Also appearing in the photo below is the gorgeous nametag I received in the separate nametag swap! This was made by Anna and features prints from the Liberty quilting cotton collection. Swoon.

Window pouch and nametag from FQR 2013

One of the sweetest new friends I made at FQR was Sonia. Look at the adorable heart hanger she swapped with us! I haven't the foggiest idea how to crochet and didn't manage to make it into Laura Jane's class at the retreat to learn how, so I really appreciate this tiny perfect flower on the heart. I've got it hanging on the doorknob of my bedroom closet right beside my bed so I see it first thing when I wake up!

Crochet heart by Emily

The happy swappers! Di, me, Sonia and Jo

Fellow Canadian and Best Roommate Ever (we had no choice but to get very personal in our tiny, sweltering 5th floor hotel cannot wear a whole lot to bed when it's 30 degrees C in the room!) Susan gifted me with this welcome to London quilted zip pouch complete with her perfect embroidery. I brought her a thread catcher made of Munki Munki roller skates filled with Canadian candy that she's been missing while living in the UK for years.

FQR 2013 zippy by Susan

Tiny hotel room with mostly ineffective fan!

For over a year, Hadley and I had been bantering back and forth about doing a swap together. This was the perfect opportunity to save on postage and get 'er done!  She asked me for a threadcatcher, which is easy peasy for me since I make about a hundred a year. Outdoing herself, Hadley made me the most exquisite clutch purse of Liberty tana lawn + linen. I am seriously considering having a plexiglass box made so I can permanently display it in the middle of our living room coffee table. I mean, look at this thing! It's perfection in tiny squares! I was rather speechless and feeling a tad guilty for emerging from this swap a clear winner. Methinks Hadley deserves a bit of a top up from my end.

Clutch purse made by Hadley
side A, I die.

Clutch purse by Hadley
side B, I die a little more.

I'll continue on here with a few more pics from the actual retreat. I didn't take my DSLR out much as I was busy talking (shocker!), sewing and generally doing everything but thinking of taking pics.  The people were the draw for me. I went to meet longtime online friends in person and having so many in one place was perfect, but also a little challenging. I'm sure anyone who has attended Sewing Summit, Quilt Market or QuiltCon would agree: there truly wasn't enough time to sit down and really connect for very long. I think everyone tried to make the best of it, though.

I finally got to meet John. How cute is he coordinating with the FQ banner? Poor guy, basically got off an overnight flight and two hours later was greeting retreat guests at the welcome table. Despite very little sleep all weekend, John maintained his friendly, cheerful demeanor at all times. Total honey.

Siblings Together Quilt from VMQG
This is Delma from Siblings Together with the quilt I donated made by members of VMQG

The delightfully charming, hilarious AND talented Lucie Summers teaching her Portholes class. It was a real treat to meet her, learn her great technique, hear about The Turkey Shed and return home with an autographed copy of her book Quilt Improv. It's written entirely in her voice (now I can even hear her accent when I read it!) and is a visual treat for any quilter.

Portholes class with Lu Summers
The results of my Portholes class

Need I say anything? Mr. Aurifil himself.

The delightful Mandy  (from whom I learned needle turn applique) and Kerry (who taught me how to make perfect PJ pants) sandwiching a very tired looking me on the final morning of retreat.

PJ capris by Poppyprint
The results of my PJ's class = lovely voile capris. Just don't call them "pants", people. I love the comfy waistband that is 1/2 elastic, 1/2 ties.

Lovely Lynne taking her job as velvet rope doorwoman for Market Night very seriously indeed


On Saturday night after classes a Pub Quiz was held on the terrace for groups of 7. It was all very impromptu and sudden, but I found myself in a stellar group creatively named The Team and look at us! We emerged victorious and each walked away with 3 gorgeous Jen Kingwell patterns after successfully answering questions about fabric, designers, bloggers and quilts. Yay team!

Pub Quiz prizes!

Phew, I think that just about wraps it up for FQR 2013 people and makes. I've got lots of London photos to wade through and share as well. More coming soon, promise. Our summer travel is all done so I will attempt a return to more regular blogging. I hope everyone is enjoying their fine summer!!


Katy Cameron said...

Great round up of the event, and you made out like a bandit in those swaps! And no, not pants, that's a whoooole other kind of class ;o)

myBearpaw said...

Your 'pants' are gorgeous (I hope your husband agreed!) and so is that beautiful bag/pouch from Hadley. And by UK standards that really isn't a tiny hotel room! Thanks for letting me relive the whole weekend again through your lovely post :)

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

What a fantastic haul - you did so well! Sounds like you had a blast, good to see!

Katie said...

*sigh*such great goodies! You really came out on top in those swaps!
Also, love your purple Birks :-) I've got them in green and wear them every day. So comfy!

Patti said...

Great post, Krista! Love seeing actual photos of people I only know by blog names! Great take home gifts too.:-) You got a Steam Punk pattern!!!

Nicola said...

Looks so fun. It's always great to meet other bloggers in person and to get an international trip and AMH PJ bottoms (the correct British term!) into the bargain is even better. Such gorgeous goodies you came home with too.

MetroQuilter said...

Great to see the photos and be reminded of what a great weekend it was.

Catherine said...

Takes me right back, what a fabulous weekend

Amy Friend said...

It sounds like it was just so much fun!

Elsa said...

oh, what lovely presents, people and times you had!

paulette said...

WOW*WOW*AND* WOW!!! You had way too much fun...I mean WAY!! Loved all your gifts...I died a little looking at that clutch!! And those patterns...and then shmoozing with the elite! Apparently the fun just doesn't end! Come on we can take it...bring us more!:o))

Sandi said...

It was great living vicariously through you! What a fabulous haul and so great to meet all your blogging friends. Can't wait for more photos.

Sonia said...

It was so so lovely to finally meet you too, shoe buddy :) And Hadley is the queen of perfect little Liberty squares (based on the lovely name tag she made me!) I love all your pics and can't wait to see which Jen Kingwell pattern you choose first, it's gonna be a tough decision..... x PS - so glad you like the heart hanger!

Canadian Abroad said...

What a haul! So glad you came to the UK and I got to meet you, share a sweltering hotel room and have a laugh. Hope to see you again - either me over there or you returning here.

Aliceart said...

What a great time! It was fun to hear about it. GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT.

Aliceart said...

Oops, sorry. Caps key got stuck.

Dianne said...

Wow that is some serious booty Krista (that would be the pirate kind not the "call" kind) looking forward to seeing it in person.
If you decide to make the steampunk quilt I have the templates. Athough looking at the patterns I think the Chain Reaction with its 12 patches may be more up your alley ;0)

CitricSugar said...

It looks like it was a great time!!! So jealous but I'm sure you represented the Great White North really well. :-)

Hoping to make it next year...

Sarah said...

Looks like great fun. I can't believe the hotels are not even air conditioned! This Aussie would die. It's so hot here but we are used to everywhere being air conditioned.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Beautiful. I love seeing the people you were able to meet! Someday...

Barb said...

Krista,sounds like you had a ball.You were in my old stomping ground,I lived a couple of blocks from Old Bromptom Rd in Bramham Gardens loved that neighbourhood.Heading there next month