Saturday, August 4, 2012

Proverbial Quiltalong (2) - Supply List

This is the second post of the Proverbial Quiltalong here at Poppyprint. You can join anytime! We're taking a casual summer approach and all that's happened so far is pattern-purchasing. For the kick off post and more info on ordering Denyse Schmidt's The Proverbial Quilt Pattern check here.

Patterns are winging their way to excited quiltalong participants as I type. There are even a few photos in the flickr pool!  When you receive your pattern, be sure to share a picture there so I can enter you in our first sponsored giveaway for a FQ pack of Across the Pond by Cloud 9 Organics courtesy of Flare Fabrics!  That draw will take place on August 15th.

If you've opened your pattern, or made any other Denyse Schmidt  projects, then you know her method involves making plastic templates for all of the pattern pieces. You are welcome to follow those instructions, however, I'll show you the faster 'no mark' method that I used to construct my Blackbird Fly quilt.

Blackbird Fly by Poppyprint

While you ponder fabric and proverb/word selections, you could also gather up these supplies, which we'll use to make our letters. If you've been quilting for a little while, chances are you've already got all of these items (but if you're like me and my sewing space, it may take a moment to actually locate them. Ahem).

The Proverbial Quiltalong Supply List

  1. Freezer Paper: find it in the "food wrap" section of your supermarket
  2. mini-iron: I have a Clover, but there are many on the market. This will save your fingers from burns and be very handy on your....
  3. mini pressing/cutting station: set this up beside your machine so you can cut and press on the go without having to get up after every seam. A small cutting board beside your machine and a regular ironing board lowered down beside you (perpendicular to your sewing table) so you can press from a seated position will work, too!
  4. a fine point Sharpie marker to trace the template shapes from the pattern page (these don't smudge or seep under the ruler edge).
  5. a 1" x 6" ruler with 1/4" markings for tracing template shapes and using as a straight edge for cutting fabric pieces
  6. a 18 mm rotary cutter for cutting fabric pieces. This is a much safer size for using with a small ruler.
That's it! Six things! I'm counting on the fact that you've got the sewing machine covered already.

I'll be taking a little blog break for some family time this week and then the Portland-Seattle-VancouverMQG meet up in Seattle next weekend!! I'll be back the week of the 13th to talk about planning your quilt based on the words you've chosen to piece as well as preparing your freezer paper templates!

If you've got any questions, just leave them in the comments, or in the discussion area of the flickr group.

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Leanne said...

Nice to have a short list, thanks.

Cathy said...

Have said items and have two words made. Exciting!

Carla said...

This is going to be fun !

PinkGranny said...

I have thought of the mini iron and settled for a little iron. Big mistake. It is more like a toy. I will be going back for the mini clover. I like the little ironing/trimming station too,as I can use it either in my sewing room or on the go. Thanks for sharing!

Elsa said...

I've got most of the items and I'm really looking forward to the quilt along. I've decided that the letters are paper piece worthy and I'm going to do it that way. I did the Single Girl quilt that way and it turned out great!
Have a nice time with family and the Modern Quilt Guild meet up in Seattle!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

List - check. Fabric - check. Idea of what words to do - still undecided!!!!!! May do a mini just to whet my feet :)

2ne said...

Nice quilt :-)

What Comes Next? said...

Perfect timing Krista - my pattern just arrived on Friday, so now to get my picture posted to the pool.
This list is covered, and I'll be working from my stash, but I'm still contemplating my phrase. Have a great family week and fun at the meet up!

Dianne said...

Thanks for the post Krista. My pattern arrived but I completely forgot we were supposed to get a picture too. I'm on it!

Mina said...

I've got those items. Will keep checking the mail for the pattern!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I have all the supplies. Seriously! How often does THAT happen?

MulticoloredPieces said...

This looks like a fun project. I've always wanted to make a word quilt, but the texts I have in mind are long. So it's still simmering. I'll figure out something! Hope you'll be sharing about the MQG meeting in Seattle. Stay cool!
best, nadia

Heather D. said...

Soo, a question. I'm getting my letters cut out of the freezer paper and am doing the first letter with fabric - I'm affixing the freezer paper to the right side of my fabric, correct? So what I'm picturing in my mind is that when I have all of the letter pieces sewn together, all of the corresponding freezer paper pieces will be on the top of my piece? I've never done this method before and it is not coming to me very intuitively!!