Saturday, November 26, 2011

Half a weekend

A LOT went on today.

First I woke up.

Then we went downtown to drop D & her unicycle off at the marshalling spot in the Grey Cup Parade.

Drank delicious latte here.

Then I got a one-armed hug from Cory Monteith as he left the Hotel Vancouver en route to getting into the Honorary Parade Grande Marshall pick up truck.

Cory and I!
arent' we cute in our matching toques? So Canadian.

Saw Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed (and their kids!) drive by in the parade. What the?

Took some blurry shots of D riding by on her uni - soaked to the skin and still smiling.

this is the best I could do on my iphone - it was raining so hard! D is the blondie.

Ran into Cory again at the end of the Parade. He was also soaked to the skin and still smiling.


Came home. Chowed down some crackers, cheese and yummy wine jelly.

Hammered some grommets into my Happiness Potholders for my secret partner in the VMQG-FVMQG potholder swap. Grommets make me happy.

Happiness potholders

Fondled my new rig.

My new toy!
more on this later - I just got it yesterday!

Quilted two pillow covers (Christmas gifts)

AND, now I get to go back downtown for a lovely dinner with my husband and some of his colleagues. It's only Saturday evening! I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

I mean, besides rain.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wow - what a day! Nice rig.

Heather D. said...

Rain. Tell me about it. It was torrential here this week, including today. My son's soccer game was even cancelled. :(

Looks like a fun day though! Going to the big game tomorrow????

Jenniffier said...

what adorable potholders. You are going to love the new camera, that is the same one I have and it is great!

felicity said...

All of these photos and things have made me so happy! I love Corey Monteith! And now I'm annoyed that I didn't use grommets on my potholders, darn it. Can't wait to hear all about your new camera. Sweeet!

dutch sisters said...

Sounds like a busy day! I like the potholders! Have a lovely Sunday.
Groetjes :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I had to google Cory Monteith!
Looks like soggy fun, but fun nonetheless xxx

Unknown said...

Those pot holders look great. especially with the grommits in.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I just got a D7000 too..beautiful camera!

carol said...

Could be could always be snow!

Patti said...

A group of my friends are there for the game! I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw all the rain...your daughter looking like it didn't bother her one bit though! Love your new camera. I have a Nikon as well-a D90, and love it, although I am such an amateur with it.
Go Lions!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Not fair. I want to hug cute Canadians too.
Grommit installation sounds like good therapy, might have to try it!

Carla said...

LOVE the pot holders. So fun!

Brenda said...

What's going to happen today? well, Winnipeg is going to win the Grey Cup. Go Bombers!

Krista said...

Woo hoo! You got the camera! Very exciting.

I am jealous that you got a hug on with Cory. You should have asked him to do a little dance. It sounds like a great weekend so far!

karen said...

I love the photo of your daughter in the rain - it looks so Vancouver with the blurry background - really neat with her in focus, rolling by.

greelyrita said...

It's never occurred to me to put grommets on a potholder. How do they hold up to washing?

Strange comment about the photo being so Vancouver due to the blurry background. Say what?

Helen said...

OMG Krista!!!! You meet Cory! You touched him!!!!! Lucky you! Big Glee fans over this side of the world!

Dianne said...

Well, I thought your photos were awesome before, I can only imagine what you are going to do with that bad boy. No, not Cory - the camera haha!!
Looks like D was having a blast. funny how kids seem oblivious to bad weather. Ray for you for standing out in the rain to support her. Unless of course the meeting with Cory wasn't a chance meeting afterall and the parade and unicycle ride was just a ruse to get a photo op....
The pot holders are fab fab fab!!

Unknown said...

You saw Corey Monteith twice! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Whoa. Nice camera dude. Tell us more.

Alisa said...

What a fun day! I'm reading this on Monday and guess what? It's not raining and my kids are outside. :-) Every once in a while it stops.

Katie B said...

I read an article on about Cory posing with fans at the parade. I thought "fans like Krista!" very cool.

Eryn said...

I'm so jealous. I'd be more than happy to get a one-armed hug from Cory. I'm pretty much the biggest Gleek I know!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Those hot pads would make me happy! Red! Dresden plates! What's not to like? Sew cute. Hope everyone dried out nicely.