Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dresden Pillow part deux

Early in the year I made this pillow/mini quilt for a private swap with my friend Tracey (who, by the way, has just given birth to the most adorable little girl, so if you have a sec, stop by and wish her well!). Before mailing it to California, I shared the project at my traditional guild's show and tell. The response was lovely and the workshop coordinator asked if I would give a workshop on how to piece and applique a dresden by machine. Why yes, of course I would! I love teaching workshops. It helps when all of your students are friends from guild!

So, due to the fact that my sample is a couple thousand km south of our meeting hall, I made up another one.

Dresden by Machine by Poppyprint

It is a slightly simplified version in the hopes that people will be able to complete the top and back during the one-day workshop. I nixed the narrow inner selvage border and went with a covered zip closure instead of a buttonhole placket on the back. I couldn't resist duplicating the fabric, though. I just love this French General red for fall decor and the hand of this fabric is luscious....just buttery soft.

Dresden by Machine

Dresden by Machine

Everything is done by machine, except for the hand-tacking of the binding to the back. The alphabet print is my favourite from the La Petite Ecole line. The binding is a striped print from the line, but I cut it on the bias (bias stripes on a binding are just happy-making, don't you think?).

Dresden by Machine - pillow back

The double centre wasn't intended. It became a necessity when the original larger circle fabric turned out to be rather transparent after it was fused on with steam-a-seam. The seam allowances of the dresden blades showed through and I didn't like the way that looked, so I slapped on the smaller red circle: problem solved! I love the machine blanket stitch around the circle edges. It was a major selling feature of my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 because it's got a 9mm throat plate which means you can do a HUGE blanket stitch if you want to.

Dresden by Machine

I have to write up detailed instructions for the workshop, so I'm considering making this my first official .pdf pattern for download. I'd love your feedback on what you like (or could do without) in .pdf patterns. Lots of photos? Detailed explanations? Quilting instructions? Do you follow those patterns via laptop beside your sewing machine, or do you prefer less pages so you can print them out? Bring it on people, I'd appreciate your thoughts!

Since this pillow is ideal for sprucing up your armchair for autumn, I'm linking up to Rachel's Celebrate Color event. Stop in and see some of the other gorgeous projects there!

Celebrate Color


Needled Mom said...

First of all, the pillow is gorgeous and I love the fabric line!

I usually print out the patterns so I can work on them when I get a chance so I vote for less photos.

Leanne said...

It is a lovely pillow, have fun with the workshop. I think that photos and diagrams make patterns so much easier to follow. If printing is an issue, maybe consider making a condensed printing file together with more fulsome illustrated instructions for the computer?

PinkGranny said...

Great pillow! Wish I could attend the workshop, the project looks terrific. Your friend is going to enjoy her pillow.

Susie said...

Gorgeous, Krista! Love the fabrics, especially those scattered letters on the back. It's all beautimous!
I use pdf patterns for knitting, and I agree with using less big colorful pics in the bulk of the instructions, maybe put them at the back so that printing them is more 'optional'. I like Useful photos over Gratuitous photos, if that makes sense, and I also think that a sketch / line drawing can be a great help.

Katie B said...

I love all of the details on this pillow! Very nice.

As for patterns, I don't usually print. I just follow along on my iPad. So, yes, photos are great! I love detailed instructions, but I don't think more basic quilting instructions are necessary because you can refer people to some other sites for that.

Marg said...

Love this pillow, and you know I love the double centre even though it wasn't in the original plan.
I usually print out the patterns too, so i would prefer less photos, but I do like Leanne's idea if that is feasible and doesn't mean heaps more work for you.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

See you at the workshop! I wish xxx

Dianne said...

I'm looking forward to this workshop Krista! Dreaming of which fabrics I will use already!!
The center on this pillow is as perfect as the crown was on your first one and I love the border.
I tend to print out PDF patterns so putting large pictures on separate pages is a great idea.

Jules said...

gorgeous pillow!, you are very talented.

Heidi said...

Beautiful! I'm in love with this pillow!

Unknown said...

That cushion is perfection Krista, and I agree. The double circle is a very happy addition despite being unintentional. Fall loveliness!

Cynthia F said...

So pretty & love the fabrics!
I always print out my patterns too and don't mind printing pictures/diagrams. :D

dutchcomfort said...

Love the pillow! Have fun with the workshop!
I always print out my pdf patterns and as they mostly are in English I love photo’s that really add someting to the written explanation.

pinsandneedles said...

The pillow is lovely. I would love a PDF tutorial. I usually print them out so not too heavy on photos but enough for clarity. Thanks

Nancy L said...

More photos and step by step. I am very visual but also need the detailed explanation too. I don't mind printing out several pages to reference either. said...

pretty pillow, pretty colors, pretty stitches. Good luck!
~Monika in Saskatoon

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

This is lovely! I am working on a Dresden pillow today myself! I can't get enough of them! :)

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Wow, that machine blanket stitch is awesome. What a great way to make use of it!