Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School!!!

Woohoo! The kids are back to school! In all honesty, I wish I had my very own set of new markers, too. Like many people who enjoyed school, September is what I consider the 'new year'. It's such a major seasonal change in Canada (although you wouldn't know it here in Vancouver, we had our hottest day of summer yesterday), unlike January 1st which is just cold before, during and after and doesn't feel much like anything new to me.

This year, I'm going back to school. However, this time, I'm up at the front of the class, baby. That's right. It's Ms. Poppyprint to YOU! Sara invited me to do a guest post on a technique I love as part of her Sewing Back-to-School series at Sew Sweetness.

Spray Baste Tutorial by Poppyprint

You can catch my Spray Basting Tutorial over here. Sharpen your pencils and check out all of the other wonderful guest posts in the series - you just might learn something new.


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Why use pins? I might even throw mine away, as a big old can of 505 came through my door yesterday!

Dianne said...

Happy "New Year" Krista! Great tutorial as always. Enjoy your first week of freedom. :0)

Angela said...

I'm over there tomorrow I think! Need tow work on my tutorial NOW. lol.

I'm a huge fan of spray basting. Total convert!

Katie B said...

Excellent! I desperately want to be a spray baster, but I can't quite quit the pin habit. I'm hoping your tutorial will sway me. said...

hey - p.s. you know that stuff is very bad to breath. wear a mask! hide your pets.
: )
~Monika in Saskatoon

Leanne said...

Lovely tutorial, thanks! I am likely to stick with pins but should I ever give in, I now know all the tricks, thank you.