Thursday, April 28, 2011

Check out my new hybrid(s)

The queen of socks is in da house.

I've been saving my favourite bamboo pair for repair. The porcelain tiles in our front hall/kitchen have pretty sharp edges and sadly, they wreak havoc on my lovely socks. I'm just not much of a slipper fan - I prefer sock feet in the house. In summer, I asked Mom if she thought we (ahem, she) could cut off the foot of a too-far-gone-for-darning-sock and re-knit a new foot. Well, to be totally honest, I first asked if socks were knit from the toe up, or the ribbing down. I didn't even know!

I think just because I'm her daughter and she's my Mom, she agreed to try. I mean, she's a master knitter and all, so I knew she could do it. Look at my cool new hybrid socks!

My new hybrids

Complete with new, fancy reinforced heel design!

new reinforced heel

The new darker blue yarn on the foot was left over from the ankle socks she knit for me on the plane ride here. Now we know that

1 sock skein = 1 pair of ankle socks + two new feet (ladies size 8.5-ish)

I'm not on ravelry so I have no idea if this is common practice (do you?), but I'm pretty proud of my Mom's efforts to salvage my beloved bamboo socks and use up an entire sock skein! She thinks they are totally weird. Perfect.

This parental visit has been made extra exciting by our home team. My folks are pretty bummed that their Habs are out, but they've jumped on the Canucks bandwagon with us. Grandma picked up some belgian chocolate brownie pucks on our outing today.

Go Canucks Go!



Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Upside down socks - I don't think they're weird - I want some!

felicity said...

I hope I win the pair at the next retreat - they are awesome!

dutchcomfort said...

Those socks sure look extra special!

Lesly said...

Make some room on the Canucks bandwagon for me, since the Habs are playing golf now!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

The toe up/ribbing down question is not stupid at all. Until last year I did not even know there was such a thing as toe up socks and I have been knitting since I was a child.-) Great socks!

Kristie said...

Hockey and chocolate? Perfection. Go Canucks!

Heather said...

Aren't you lucky to have such a clever mom! It looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree Krista!

Tiffany said...

Great sock rescue, Excellent mom!

h said...

Socks can be knit either top-down or's a matter of preference. I, however, am too afraid to try knitting socks either way!

It looks like your socks were fixed up really nicely, though.

pinksuedeshoe said...

That totally makes me laugh, LOVE them!