Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weird stuff I saw in Florida

We are heading home tomorrow, boohoo. As much as I love a little colour on my Canadian skin, I have to tell you that nine days of 80-85F heat is about all I can take! My kids have loved it and it has been an absolute blast spending this week with my sister and her family. The cousins have laughed hysterically, spent hours playing in the pool (today's cannonball contest went on for at least 90 minutes!), and enjoyed roller coasters, gator bites (yum!) and fireworks together.

I wanted to share a few photos and see if you can guess what they are or where they were taken:

1. This is the business end of the biggest ------ I've ever seen!

2. This was an unexpected fellow!

3. And these are three words I have not heard in a sentence together in about 30 years! Hehe

I made a little last day shopping trip to Jo Ann today. It was a coupon weekend. I am willing to admit that I SAVED $26 and that my kona solid stash will double in size after I unpack my duffel bag tomorrow!

Lots of sewing plans are in the works for the coming weeks. I look forward to sharing with you!

p.s. My RSR tote has worked out beautifully!


Unknown said...

Those are some big rocket thrusters!! And I love the Krista Super Skinn and to think you can get it for a mere $49.99!! Safe travels home.

Gene Black said...

Pic 1 -The rocket engines are probably Delta 4 first stage boosters. So I am guessing Kennedy Space Flight Center.
Pic 2 is a topiary at Disney World.

Pic 3 is some women's clothing and out of my realm of knowledge.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Gene is probably correct. Glad you had a good week!

Dianne said...

Horray for ccoming home!! So glad you had such a great time! My guess 1) Rocket Engines 2) A gnomish sort of creature that really needs to get over the head to toe green look, and 3)the coolest label - I hope you bought the pants!!!