Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mayne Island Retreat: getting there....

Our island getaway last weekend began with this pile of gear stacked at the end of our walk waiting for my chauffeur Pam to arrive.

Retreat necessities

Tool box, Tote of clothes, Tote of fabric, Featherweight, Pfaff, cooler, latte supplies and equipment.

Our early morning drive across Vancouver and out to the ferry terminal was easy peasy - we arrived an hour early (we were a little excited), so there was plenty of time to grab a coffee and enjoy the sun. By 9:10, our inter-island ferry pulled away from the berth and we were off.

Mayne 2011

There it is! Our destination in the Southern Gulf Islands of B.C. A little gem called Mayne. Since we were first on the boat, we had a front row seat for the door opening.

Mayne 2011

Mayne 2011

I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my favourite west coast trees - the Arbutus. I've shown Arbutus shots here before, but I never tire of them. Their bark is incredible and these ancient beauties thrive against the odds our rocky coastal islands. This giant is the tallest one I think I've ever seen - typically they grow all gnarled or leaned over, but not this fella!

Arbutus giant

Mayne flora & fauna 2011

There are areas of the island that have been cleared for farming, but most of it is still rainforest and rocky coastline. There are beautiful patterns to be found in the temperate rainforest, like this lichen twin.

Mayne flora & fauna

Mayne flora & fauna 2011

Mayne flora & fauna 2011

The Gulf Islands are also great for fossil hunting in the layers of ancient sedimentary beds exposed a long the beaches.

Mayne flora & fauna

The much larger Saltspring Island (close by) is known for it's sheep population, but apparently there is at least one wooly resident on Mayne because we met him on a walk.

Mayne flora & fauna 2011

While we enjoyed our natural surroundings on a few morning walks, there was no mistaking our purpose. All trails lead back to this: RJ's sewing studio. Where the 6 of us worked away on our various projects (at a very civilized pace, I might add. This was a casual, low-pressure weekend away with easy going friends). Just the way I like it!

Mayne 2011

Sewing/project photos coming up next......


Dianne said...

Great Photographs Krista! Inspiration for art quilts for sure! Such a nice reminder of our time there. ;0)

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I'm guessing the studio picture is from before you started sewing or when you're packing up. 6 ladies can't keep a workspace that tidy through a whole weekend; can they???

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Wonderful views! What is that double decker case that you have (and a friend has in black & red in lower photo? I've never seen anything like that?)

trish said...

Wait a minute...is that your sewing room? I'm jealous! Looks awesome! And your trip...looks fabulous. I could use a trip like that right about now...

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Oooh I'm so jealous of your lovely retreat weekend. Love those trees too - wow, I've never seen those before.

dutch sisters said...

Whauw what a great place to do some sewing!
Lovely pictures

dutchcomfort said...

Who would not want to go on a quilt retreat at such a beautiful spot!
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photographs!!

I can see now why one of my mothers’ brothers left Holland at a young age to go and live on Vancouver Island! Is it as beautiful as the isle of Mayne?

Live a Colorful Life said...

Quilting retreats are the best! I wish I could attend one every month...

MariQuilts said...

Wow looks amazing....have a wonderful time.

Canadian Kristin said...


Amy Friend said...

What beautiful sights. I bet you had a great time!

quiltmom anna said...

What fabulous photos of the island and the gorgeous BC coast.
Congratulations to your two winners of your lovely books. I am sure they will love them.
It sounds like you spent a wonderful weekend together. I have to say I am totally envious right now as we have many buckets of snow outside of our windows - spring feels a long ways away- all that greenery is - I can't even think of a word to describe it.
Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs.
Warmest regards,

Unknown said...

I can't get over the lack of snow... geesh, I wish I was there. I don't think I'd seen the Arbutus before. very interesting bark eh?

Helen said...

*sigh* no words Krista, just a big *sigh* of envy! x

paulette said...

Your photos made me homesick...and the lamb!! I would frame him!! What a wonderful place to create!
Have a blast!