Sunday, March 13, 2011

I like Hookers

They make the prettiest rugs. Today a few friends and I took in a gallery show called Incredible Treadables by the "Gone Hooking Rug Group". I'm not sure how many of these gorgeous rugs will actually be tread upon. I like looking at them on the wall. The primitives are my favourites...I think for the same reason I like looking at wonky, not so perfect quilts. They are just more interesting to me.

I tried out my new iPhone for these photos and I cannot believe the colour saturation. Not bad! Some could be focused a bit better. I won't be abandoning my camera any time soon, but in a pinch these are pretty okay pictures. Here's a small sampling of rugs from the show.

I like giraffes by Anne Vulliamy
I Like Giraffes by Anne Vulliamy

Don't you just love his fuschia tail and how he has to scrunch his neck to fit in the frame? Sweet.

Hush Little Baby by Karen Nicolson
Hush Little Baby by Karen Nicolson

Ivy by Donna Heinrich
Ivy by Donna Heinrich

Donna did a rug of both her dogs (I think)'s the other one:
Roxy by Donna Heinrich
Roxy by Donna Heinrich

Quilters by Sandi Hill
Quilters by Sandi Hill (my quilting pal - she is also a fantastic hooker!!)

Les Boules by Sandi Hill
Les Boules by Sandi Hill

I like the primitive hooking style combined with contemporary colours on Sandi's Les Boules....for me it's akin to using mod fabrics for traditional quilt patterns. The next photo rug, "Glorious Triangles" by Linda Spence is similar....funky mod coloured wonky triangles surrounding a folk art bunny shape. Cool!

Glorious Triangles by Linda Spence

Blue Goats by Tanya Graham
Blue Goats by Tanya Graham (the sideways text reads: arti choke folk).
I wish I knew the story behind this rug - love the textured background.

If you live in the Lower Mainland, this show is running at the Seymour Art Gallery in Deep Cove until April 3. There is a fabulous contemporary table runner up for grabs in the fund raising draw and the gallery has an outstanding little artists gift shop. Check it out!


felicity said...

Tee hee. Hookers....make pretty rugs!

(They do).

dutchcomfort said...

Thanks for sharing the photographs! The rugs are adorable! I never heard of this craft before!

carol said...

How fun! My DD's MIL is a hooker so I know all about that and she does marvelous work. She draws her own designs and even dyes her own wool and has been doing it forever. A very dedicated bunch, those hookers! Not for me though....takes too long and I'm pretty impatient for final results. LOL

ButtonMad said...

loved the title - very attention grabbing - and ditto what felicity wrote ;-) haha

cheers - shannon

Brenda said...

these are great. thanks for sharing them.

Heather said...

Where is the gallery Krista?...your photos leave me wanting to see more! I have always wanted to try doing this myself. Thanks for sharing.

Live a Colorful Life said...

I was a hooker in a past life...(pssst: don't tell my family) :) said...

Saskatoon has some most excellent hookers as well : ) (Currently in A Needle Pulling Thread FYI!)

Anonymous said...

Fran Galvin is a hooker