Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wee Bit of Weekend Work

I managed a bee block over the weekend. While my family watched our homeboys, the Vancouver Canucks, kick some serious Dallas a** last night (sorry Texas bloggy friends, but I ask you: is hockey really supposed to be played in Texas? Seriously!), I was busy next door in my sewing lair creating this for Amy :

VI Bees block by Poppyprint

Amy sent lots of fun fabric, plus the white and peach borders, and asked for a block made with only triangle shapes. Fun!

The sun shone brightly all weekend. I considered cleaning up all the dead stuff from last fall still standing/lying/dying all over the garden. I considered it again. Then decided to photograph the new stuff that isn't clued into the fact that it's only February 20.

Like the hellebore. An early spring keener, who loves her spot and grows defiantly where no other plant cares to grow: under the cedar tree.

Hellebore opening Feb.20/2011

Even the poppies are anxious. Fuzzy foliage is up 8 or 10" already!


I used to have hundreds of crocuses, but now only a hardy few remain. Truth be told (as has been done here a few times), I am a confirmed "plant it and hope it lives" gardener. My garden doesn't get a whole lot of Tender Loving Care from me - it is on its own. The lawn is another story. I love me a good push-mower session.


Is your garden still sleeping under a blanket of snow? I fear mine may be in for a nasty late-winter shock. We had a thunder and lightening hail storm on Friday night just to remind us that winter may still have a few plans for us yet!


Rachel said...

Are you freakin' kidding me? Look at all that green...and flowers. I so need to get OUT of Alberta. We're still armpit deep in snow and ice here.

Love the block, by the way. How DO you get your points so perfect?

Laura said...

That is a beautiful block.

paulette said...

Thanks Krista for reminding me what is happening back home!! I planted a huge box of tulip bulbs last fall (a gift from a friend who works for the Victoria gardens!!) so I want them to be blooming when we get home! I have to time this just right...
Your block is lovely!! Amy is going to love it!
Take care!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

I can't believe all that green! We had over a week of melting and got over a foot of snow today so all the yard work to do is buried.

Great block, how tricky!

felicity said...

The word "delicious" sprang to mind when I saw that block. Love it.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

pretty block Krista. :) And pretty flowers too.

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

You see, all the time I spent fussing over my blog for Amy and it doesn't look half as nice as yours - you have such a good eye for shape and colour and making things look really good and all your points match and meet so beautifully. You are the new queen of blocks on the block. My lawn is currently being ravaged by moles but we have a lawn of snowdrops by the front door so I'm just concentrating on those and ignoring the sorry state of the lawn.

Quilthaze said...

We had some snow at the weekend but Spring is definitely coming. There are snowdrops in hedges and gardens everywhere, some crocuses flowering and other bulbs pushing up leaves. The Forsythia in my garden is about to burst into it's bright yellow display too.
I love the block - beautiful fabrics and perfect points!

Unknown said...

Your block and flowers are very pretty.
As a Texan who is from Dallas, I must remind you that the Stars did win the Stanley Cup one time way back in 1999! Of course, it was probably just a fluke.

Krista said...

We won't see any vegetation start popping up for another 2.5 months. And none of it will be as pretty as the stuff you can grow there! Waaaa! :) I don't mind winter, but I sure wish that spring would come a month earlier than it does.

That block is fabulous!

Unknown said...

i like that all-triangle block! very pretty!

flowers?.. are those flowers i see before me?... how nice for you though... :P

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I cannot believe it's not winter at your place; we were watching a recap of last year's winter olympics yesterday and admiring Vancouver at winter - again. Wasn't that about this time of the year?

Dianne said...

Spring is bustin out allover! Saw some bushes breaking into leaf the other day. Your block is Fab Fab Fabulous!!! :0)

Barb said...

Great block! And I'm so jeleous of all of your green. It was -32 here on Saturday and we are so buried under snow you can't see my house from the street. It is going to be a long winter up here!