Monday, January 24, 2011

Ta-Ta Talk

I'm working my way through the $7 La Petite Ecole charm pack I got on sale recently. First, I made this, then these, and now a lovely set of boobs for Mrs. Moen.

Not just 'plain' boobs, but adorned ones! First, I took the last 4 charm squares and made two plain boobs following the instructions on the Make a Boob blog. It only takes a couple of minutes! Then, I took my angled scraps leftover from cutting out dresden blades and stuck them to some Steam-a-Seam Lite II.

Boobs awaiting adornment by Poppyprint

After arranging the scraps in a radiating pattern, sort of like I did here, I fused them down, top-stitched and did a little embroidery on one and added a button to the other one.

Adorned Boobs for Mrs. Moen by Poppyprint

Adorned Boobs up close by Poppyprint

I have a stack of 15 more plain boobs made by my retreat gals to send along to Nina-Lise for the art therapy workshops. Won't you make a boob or two and send them, too?


felicity said...

Hey, lady: nice boobs!

(Do you use a pressing sheet when sticking fabric to Steam a Seam?)

dutchcomfort said...

Lovely Krista! They are really beautiful!

I wrote a post on my blog about the boobs I made for Nina Lise, but got no response at all. Glad to see you joined the boob making club!

Unknown said...

great colours Krista, and a novel way to use up scraps too. :)

Jennifer said...

Very cool! And to a worthy cause as well...

Jennifer :)

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Great pair of boobs, Krista; and yes, you did cheer me up, thank you very much.-)