Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Les Petites Mug Rugs

How about a little French cafe in the kitchen? Or on the desk? I took my own advice and made these two mug rugs out of my twofer HST's left over from my Dresden Plate pillow. No idea what the heck I'm talking about? It's all here.

Since these are made entirely of French General's La Petite Ecole line, I thought I'd throw a little French on the 'mug' side with some embroidered backstitch. D is enjoying Late Immersion (grade 6) and my French vocab is slowly coming back as I fulfill the role of 'Mother Who Speaks French comme une petite enfant" while simultaneously acting as "Homework Support Staff".

Les Petites Mugrugs2 by Poppyprint

I'm the kind of person to put leftover HST's into a little ziploc baggy, stuff them in a drawer in my sewing room and never do anything with them again.

Not this time.

No way.

I am going to use every last scrap of the La Petite Ecole charm pack that I paid a whole $7 for!

Le Cafe Mugrug by Poppyprint

I only have 2 full charm squares and some angled scraps left over from cutting Tracey's Dresden Plate petals. Not to worry, though, I have a plan! I'm going to use the scraps to make a pair of boobs for Mrs. Moen, using a design similar to my Allium rug rug.

Le The Mugrug by Poppyprint

I'm not yet sure where these 2 mug rugs will end up - teacher gifts are a distinct possibility. I just need D to do some covert mug sniffing on the teacher's desk to figure out who drinks tea and who drinks coffee!

Tomorrow night is the VMQG meeting. This month Felicity issued a nametag challenge. I best get working on that!


Bobbi said...

love those!!!

Jamie said...

The quilting is wonderful! Love the pinwheels too!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

holy moses these are gorgeous! So beautiful and... dare I say... petite! ;)

felicity said...

Hey, I thought *I* was the president of the Last Minute Club!! (Got mine done tonight).

Ton francais n'est pas mal, Krista! (sorry can't figure out the accents on this computer).

dutchcomfort said...

Très jolie Krista!

Terri said...

ha ha first of all you crack me up.
I love the charm pack remark. ;)

That fabric is so usually not something I would see buying but I love your mug rugs they are so classy looking (I might have to reconsider that GORGE fabric ) Yeah I just might :)

Holly said...

I love your beautiful, even quilting stitches!

Can't wait to see your nametag!

Vivian said...

I love these rugs! I seriously have to keep an eye out for those fabrics, I love them.

Way to be thrifty girl.

Heidi said...

Love them! I especially love your quilting! Great choice.

Dianne said...

Tres adorable Krista!!! As always the workwomanship is stellar.

Diane said...

These are so sweet. I have my own collection of little triangles that will never be used so I am impressed by those that work with these little guys.

fialka012 said...