Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Candy Cottage

Last Saturday we had our special friends visit from out of town for dinner. This family is a pleasure to spend time with for many reasons; the Mom and I have TONS in common (we quilt, bake, travel, read & value friendship, family and learning), the Dads both love beer, coffee and technology, and their 2 kids get along swimmingly with our 2 kids. We hang out, laugh, play games and relax together. It's never work.

In addition to their fun visit, they brought us a very sweet gift. Take note: if you want to make a busy mom happy, then bring her the gift of time that looks like the pieces of a gingerbread house wrapped up in wax paper accompanied by a Christmas take-out box filled with candy. Isn't that just a brilliant idea? Man, that gift made me HAPPY! D and I had talked about making our annual gingerbread house several times, but to be honest, after baking for my cookie exchange and a few other recent events, my baking mojo had seriously worn off and I just couldn't face it.

Yesterday was the first official day of kid Christmas holidays. We put our gift to good use and this is what we made.

Candy House 2010

It's as cozy as our real life cottage! Thanks L3. You're the best.

Tomorrow D and I are going to another friend's house where I'll be teaching 3 girls how to make meringue mushrooms and buche de noel! Woohoo - baking mojo is back!


dutchcomfort said...

You made a gingerbead house from a Christmas fairytale! Happy baking!

Amy Friend said...

I did the cookie swap thing too as well as other Christmas baking and that's why we felt that the gingerbread house was too much this year. So, I am jealous of your gift! That is really a terrific idea and one I will have to remember. It's super sweet.

paulette said...

What a VERY thoughtful gift!! Love it!! And you got to have some quality time with your kids...memories in the making!! Got to love that!!
Take care!

Krista said...

Wow, that's a great gingerbread house! We bought a kit this year that Claire did at school, and it's definitely one-of-a-kind :) Have fun baking this week!

Dianne said...

Are you sure you're not an elf? ;0)

C said...

I love gingerbread houses - too cute.