Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cake Walk

There was a fundraising event at D's elementary school today ~ Christmas in Whoville ~ that included a cake walk, photos with the Grinch in his sled, costume contest, surprise jar wheel, beanbag toss, 50/50 draw, popcorn & candy floss, carol singing and crafts. The volunteer parents really got into it and there were great costumes. D rocked her purple wig!

I made two cakes for the ever-popular cake walk. Man, what kids will endure for a free cake!

peppermint cake oblique

I just didn't have the energy to create a Whoville cake, so went with a peppermint candy design instead. I traced my 8" cake pan onto paper and drew out the swirly design. Then I cut a template out of a plastic page-protector sleeve (the kind you put in a 3-ring binder) with an x-acto knife and laid it on top of the iced cake. Sprinkled red sugar over the cut out part and then carefully peeled back the template (some icing repair was required in places). There was red sugar all over the kitchen, but it swept up well!

peppermint cake

I was tempted to flavour the butter cream icing with peppermint extract, but was advised that "kids think that's gross", so just went with vanilla.

If you're into making a low-cal version peppermint ornament, check out pinksuedeshoe's post!


Krista said...

Oh, yummy!!!

Holly said...

Very festive! I'm glad they still do cake walks, I remember them fondly from my elementary school days!

Dianne said...

Sweet deco job Krista!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Seriously cute. I think that peppermints with five spikes are so much more distinguished than four. Love it!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

mmmm... cake. I immediately thought of pink's ornaments when I saw these. :)

Diane said...

Your cake looks yummy!

Michelle said...

The peppermint extract in the frosting sounds yummy to me!