Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Busy Blogger

That's me! And probably 99% of you (even if you're not bloggers). I am knee deep in Christmas card production. We decided to forgo silk-screening this year. B is crazy busy at work...I know he's missing the annual tradition of designing, preparing the screens and turning our living room/dining room into a printing house. Silk-screening is his father's legacy and it is B's one major creative outlet every year.

After I completed this project, he suggested that it would make a nice card and we agreed it would definitely take the pressure off. Before posting the woolly mini to it's new home, I took many photos hoping for that perfect, card-worthy image. After we chose one, I acquired specially treated Inkjet Fine Art paper made from bamboo fibres (!) and am doing print runs, writing, addressing and mailing in batches on our little home inkjet. The results aren't bad! We send over 100 cards and hand out about another 30. It's a big project.

card writing 2010

Once the holiday correspondence is wrapped up, I'll be heading to my sewing room and hopefully will have a few things to show you soon. Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day is coming up next week and you can be sure there will be a chance to win something right here!

In the meantime, since many of you were not here reading Poppyprint a year ago, have a look at my favorite Christmas fella here. He's been rescued from his cotton wrapping and is presiding over our living room now.

Happy holiday preps to you!


Rachel said...

Arrggghhh! We still don't get to see the full view of Woolly Mini? You're killin' me.

I remember your Santa from last year's post. Loved him then, love him now ;)

maree said...

oooooh another sneak peak - you are just soooo good at those. I, too, am in the midst of making my Christmas cards. I actually create each one individually, but usually the hardest part is coming up with the idea!!!! Finally confirmed it in my head last night so got stuck in.
Love your Santa - he has such a warmth about him:) Ciao

Dianne said...

Ha! I feel so privileged - saw the Wolly Mini live and in living colour...Faaaaabulouuuuuss!!
Love the new banner Krista, tres festive!

rstogether said...

If your photos of the wolly mini are even close to your banner photo, they will be amazing! Love the jingle bell.

Krista said...

Ooh, great idea for the cards! I didn't realize that B was into screen printing. When can we see some of the past stuff you guys have made?

I better get on my cards. Everything is addressed because I forgot to send out cards last year (we were waiting for a late Cooper to see who to add to the signatures), but I haven't figured out the family photo yet! Ack!