Friday, November 12, 2010

What's new is already old....

A fortunate commission came my way earlier this fall and last night I was very happy to deliver this quilt before mama-to-be delivered her baby. Phew, just got it done on time! Her due date is in the coming week.

vintage-look baby quilt by Poppyprint

We met last month to discuss the first-time-mom's ideas for her baby's quilt. She had directed me to a few online photos for inspiration, but the main idea was to have a new quilt that looked like an antique. She wanted her baby's quilt to have the appearance of a family heirloom, and to be suitable for a boy or girl as they are awaiting that surprise!

Hmmm, I don't have any fabric in the 'heirloom' category and it's pretty hard to find at the moment in shops. Enter the magic of tea-dying! I did leave some pieces undyed to avoid it becoming a completely beige quilt and I think having the light creams in there is a nice balance with the beige.

vintage-look baby quilt back by Poppyprint
The back, with extra pieces left over from the front

In order to keep costs down, I used 50% pieced blocks and solid blocks of larger prints. Then, instead of buying more yardage for borders, I was able to piece them from leftover fabric. The quilting was left very simple. My favourite part is the binding. I LOVE diagonal stripes on the binding and the beauty of this print is that it comes with the stripes printed on the bias, so it is just straight-cut. I was able to purchase it on sale from here.

And yes, I'm on retreat. I've done a sneaky scheduled post for you, just so I wouldn't be away too long. I miss you guys already!


Rachel said...

It's beautiful, Krista! I actually did think it was an heirloom quilt. I bet the new mum is very pleased!

paulette said... just go off to your retreat...and keep missing us...ha ha
Love the baby quilt...the mama to be is going to love it!!

Elena said...

It's beautiful!!!!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Lovely, lovely; you have made a new quilt look antique; well done!!
Hope you're having fun at retreat.-)

Micki said...

It's truly so romantic and really does havce the look of an antique quilt.

Ariane said...

It's gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job with it. I love it!!! I need to do some tea dying on some of my fabrics. I've never tried it before.

Dianne said...

It is truly lovely Krista. I am sure she is very pleased with your creation. Thanks for retreat it was FABULOUS!!!!