Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Okay, even I think it's cold! As I often remind my kids, I trudged through -30 degrees Celcius and many inches of snow to school when I was a teenager in Ottawa. Even though we 'plugged the car in' overnight, there were many mornings that station wagon wouldn't start.

Today the sun is shining, the snow glistening and it is a remarkable -12C out there. Brrrrrrr! B drove our son to band practice at 7:30 a.m. and had to crawl out of the passenger door of the car when he got home because the driver's side was frozen shut. Normally I wouldn't think to mention this, but in my 24 years of living in Vancouver, I do believe this is the coldest it's ever been. Ever. And it's only November 23rd!

After school yesterday I took both kids to the mall for new boots. We're all set for a big snow, so I say bring it on. They may just end up wearing them in the house. Our 100 year old cedar cottage is not well-suited to freezing temperatures. I'm a little worried about pipes, to be honest, and there is an arctic breeze through the living room. I'll spend some time today shrink-wrapping our original windows. This is my November job each year, which I quite enjoy. Frankly, a day spent shrink-wrapping every fall is SO worth saving a zillion dollars on new wood windows!

Until the house gets used to this deep freeze, I'll probably be sporting my new handwarmers, purchased at a local craft fair last weekend.

fingerless gloves by Iva

Aren't they pretty? Love the couched yarn and button embellishment. A very clever woman named Iva (no website) repurposes these out of Merino and Cashmere sweaters (she must have to hunt daily to find them - I never have any luck when I go thrifting for wool anymore). I love that Merino is so thin, yet so toasty.
fingerless glove pair by Iva

Hope you're keeping warm!


felicity said...

I'm wearing my silk longjohns today fer cryin' out loud! It's definitely Ontario-level cold. A timely reminder that Climate Change isn't only about everything getting warmer.

Anyhoodle, LOVE the handwarmers! Circle Craft?

Amy Friend said...

Those are great fingerless gloves. I love the colors and they look really well made too! I am sorry that it is so cold already! Today we are enjoying a bit of warmth but Penny has an ear infection...maybe I would rather be with ou and cold! LOL

maree said...

Oh Krista - hope those gloves keep your hands toasty warm so you can still sew. Am skyping my daughter in Edmonton as I read through my blog list and she told me her hair froze this morning!!!! My response - "I hope you had it in a nice style at least". Such a mumsy comment I spose:) Hard to imagine how cold it is for you all as we are in the beginning of our lovely summer so I will send some warm thoughts your way. Ciao

ayumills said...

Just reading your post I started feeling cold lol! I've never experienced anything like -30 Celsius degrees.. probably -2 C was the cold ever for me when I was up in Seattle.

Stay warm with the pretty mittens :)

Unknown said...

Ah Canada, I love it and everything but really, it's bloody cold.

Actually it's downright balmy in Kingston today so I shouldn't complain, but I know it's coming... It's just teasing us...

Nice handwarmers. I need some of those!

dutchcomfort said...

That sounds really like it’s freezing cold! Love those handwarmers!
We once experienced -/- 28C in Sweden during a Winterholidays. At night we had to take the battery out of our car.

Soggibottom said...

We still have one deg here. :-) Heatwave. We still see people in shorts.
Beautiful wristwarmers............ :-)x x x

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Those handwarmers look beautiful and oh so comfy. I have been planning to knit myself some (going yarn shopping today), but never thought of sewing them. Great idea!