Monday, October 25, 2010

Who's the LUCKY one?

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm for the new kid on the crafting market! Berene will be thrilled with your responses to her Happy Sew Lucky line of adorable sewing kits. I called upon the random number generator to choose one of you from 38 comments (last one was a duplicate) and the LUCKY winner of a kit to make this special fella:


True Random Number Generator 2Powered by RANDOM.ORG
[ please note, I entered 1 to 38 in the RNG, but when I cut and paste the results block, it shows 1 to 100. Don't ask me - tech support is still out of town, so you're going to have to trust me.]

Well, that makes it easy in the counting department (hey all of you wise blogger-users out there, how do I get my comments to number themselves??). Congratulations to Amy!! YES During Quiet Time-Amy, you!! Yippee, you get to make a Santa (just as soon as you're finished those Hallowe'en costumes). No need to send me your mailing address....I just happen to have it already. And speaking of cute, if you haven't met Amy before, you've got to stop by her blog and Etsy shop to see her lovely wares as well - adorable Kokeshi doll ornaments, pin cushions, covered buttons, mini-quilts and more, all hand-printed with Amy's lino cuts and silk screens.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. If you like Berene's sweet kits, why not buy one or three? Happy Sew Lucky is open for business right here. Or watch Kaye's space for another GET LUCKY give away coming soon - she got to see the crew in action at the Creativ Festival in Toronto last weekend. Lucky Kaye.


Amy Friend said...

No way!!! Oh happy day! This is such a pleasant surprise. I figured with a low number my chances were slim but I had to give it a shot because your friend's work is so wonderful! My kids will love having this Santa decorate the house! I will add it to my to do list. I had better not join any swaps between now and Christmas! Thanks Krista and Berene!

Tiffany said...

Congrats Amy - enjoy!

Berene said...

Congratulations Amy, on winning one of my kits! It's so fun to share the excitement we feel about our new biz. Hope you have fun making Santa. When you're done please go to and email me a photo of how you used it for your Christmas decoration - we have a gallery on the website. I hope your kids love it.
Thanks also to everyone on Krista's blog for your lovely feedback - it makes all the hard work worth it. And of course, thanks to you Krista, for all your advice along the way and for helping get Happy Sew Lucky out there. My sign and banners looked fabulous at the show. (Krista kindly sewed these for me because I was too terrified to cut the fabric. Isn't she just a fabulous friend?!) Thanks!