Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feelin' Hallowe'eny?

Are you itching to get busy on some fall sewing? If my Christmas tree skirt post a few days ago put you over the edge, you may want to start off slowly and tackle your holiday sewing in order. So, next up Thanksgiving (for us Canucks) and for everyone, Hallowe'en.

I've got some amazingly talented blog friends and I want you to know about their work. First up is 'e' of pinksuedeshoe. I know her real name, but you have to crack a few good jokes before she'll tell you. She just posted a fab tutorial for making the cutest pumpkin pillows ever. Head on over there for your FREE (ahem, personal use) pattern. Honestly, I told her to make us pay, but she wouldn't hear of it. I plan to make a set of three for our dining table!

If you'd like to make the funkiest Hallowe'en wall hanging ever (or your kid is so into ghouls that they want a whole Hallowe'en quilt of Awesomeness) then visit Sonja's blog to see samples of her patterns all sewn up. Not only is Sonja a member of the VMQG, she's an incredible photographer and designs fantastic foundation patterns (with some help from her husband!) right here in Vancouver. You've never seen Hallowe'en patterns like these: Mumford Mummy, Chuck the Wolfman, Carl Frankenstein, Larry the Creature from the Black Lagoon or my fav, the Vegan Vampire.

Sonja's Wolfman design
Chuck the Wolfman, by Sonjartisania

Sonja's Carl Frankenstein design
Carl Frankenstein, by Sonjartisania

Hmmm, I think Sonja's quilt needs a Hallowe'en Heroine....but a witch is so last year....maybe Carl needs a Belinda Bride, or maybe Mabel the Mad Scientist? Sonja, are you reading this?

Sonjartisania's block patterns are available for a ridiculous $5 each, but only until the Wolfman hurry here. While you're there, check out Peeping Horse: A. Door. Able.


Krista said...

Oh, now those are all so cool. Thanks for sharing the links! Those Halloween blocks are totally my style, and my table could use some pumpkins that won't get moldy on me.

Claire was a hot dog last year, so every time I see or hear "Happy Halloweeny" it makes me smile!

Amy Friend said...

Goodness, those are cute pumpkins! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Krista!! Let's just say I'm on it, *wink* I actually have 2 ladies brewing..

Holly said...

Isn't Sonja doing an amazing job with her Halloween patterns? I can't wait to see the Halloween challenge blocks at the VMQG's October meeting!

Micki said...

I love the Halloween unique and cute!

Rachel said...

Oh wow, those pumpkins are cute. Honestly, I was just looking for a stuffed pumpkin pattern. Thanks for the link, Krista!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

weren't Esmerelda's pumpkins the best?! :)

And if I weren't so scared of paper piecing, I'd be so tempted by Sonja's stuff. She's genius.

Andrea C said...

These are awesome! I might just have to start decorating my condo for Hallowe'en.

trudys_person said...

I love the pumpkins - thank you for the link!

Tiffany said...

The pumpkins are adorable! Thanks for the link. Love the Peeping Horses too!