Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

T's pumpkin
T's most excellent pumpkin (smeared with Vaseline to preserve it's week old carving)

Agent Smith & Chilean miner
Agent Smith & rescued Chilean miner ready to party!
[don't get any ideas about my house being this tidy - our neighbour took this shot in his living room!]

I borrowed this capsule from a fellow rescued miner, sadly by this time the fabulous mesh door on the capsule had been torn off during some feverish dance-floor antics

ghoul door
We've got yummy treats, but first you'll have to get through this ghoul!


Krista said...

oh my gosh, your costume is hilarious! Honestly when I first saw the photo, I didn't think it was you. Looks like you had a great time! Oh, and that pumpkin is awesome!

carol said...

Too funny! What an imagination you have, my dear! Marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Love that Chile outfit, fantastic!

Micki said...

Great Halloween post! Happy Halloween!

paulette said...

Love the costume...such an imagination!! And the Jack-o-lantern make that SHould win a prize!! Love it!

Amy Friend said...

OK, I didn't know it was you till I read Krista's comment! Hysterical! The pumpkin is tops!

maree said...

Yep - like Amy I had decided you were the one behind the camera and had no idea it was you in the costume!!!No question you have had a fun Halloween!!!! Ciao

Dianne said...

Great costumes Krista. You & b are always so creative!!! T did an AMAZING job on the pumpkin and who knew vaseline would act as a preservative?

rstogether said...


You scare me! That costume is too real! B looks great too & love the pumpkin.

Enjoy your all hallow's eve!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Lol, I was thinking that miner had some great legs on him, and then it's you.-)
Fantastic pumpkin work!!