Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello, sewing room!

The kids are back at school, the house is a disaster again (backpacks, lunch bags, permission slips, binders, paper, shoes, gym clothes....aaaaaaa!). Me? I'm very happy to be back in my sewing room.

Photo frame quilt by Poppyprint

I made this photo frame quilt for D's friend as a birthday present. She has just re-decorated her bedroom in a lilac purpley/blue colour so I think this will look great on her wall. I reinforced the corner triangles with some medium weight fusible interfacing so they are nice and rigid. The photos hold well and there's just a smidgen of white showing around each 4"x6" photo like a little frame.

photo frame detail by Poppyprint

Now, onto my Fat Quarterly Quilt-Along! Yesterday I unrolled this gorgeous jelly roll to press all of the strips, trim the selvage edges off and prepare to cut, cut, cut!

Hunky Dory JR

I'd never see any Hunky Dory fabric on the bolt, and it's probably a good thing (for my wallet!). Wow, the soft grays/pink/aqua/yellow. Delicious. I can't wait to see this quilt come together! It's not too late to join us - all you need is one jelly roll! Just click thru with the button over there on my side bar--------->

Happy weekend everyone. We're heading up to Whistler to meet B at the finish line of the big Gran Fondo race tomorrow. He and 3999 of his lycra-clad brethren (and many sisters too, I'm sure) are riding 120 km from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Whistler village. Thanks to the BBC magazine we've learned a new term: MAMIL. Middle Aged Men in Lycra - referring to the mid-life crisis set who eschew fast cars for fast bicycles and fitness instead. I love it. B's not quite there age-wise, but he is no stranger to lycra, having raced both road and mountain bikes for almost 20 years. It will be a monumental event - it's the talk of the town as race organizers are actually closing an entire lane of the highway. The cyclists are pumped because the road is in top condition after being completely re-built for the Olympics. I'll let you know how it goes!


Amy Friend said...

The photo frame is a great idea! What a nice gift for a girl her age. Your jelly roll looks pretty. I have to go follow the link to see what your quilt along will be making...

Anonymous said...

That photo frame is gorgeous and I have a jellyroll but no working sewing machine at present lol! Always one thing or another! Have a fab weekend xxx

Krista said...

I love that frame! So good that you've got your sewing time back. I'm also thinking about doing the quilt along. I was going to do it using my stash, but decided I'll only do it if I find the right jelly roll, because I want to make it easy. I'm hoping one of my LQS will have something good?

I'm going to have to remember MAMIL! That fits Rob perfectly. Does your husband have a pair those cycling shorts with suspenders that looks like a wrestling outfit? Every time Rob puts it on I crack up.

paulette said...

Love the frame!! A great idea!! Have fun in Whistler!!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I agree... very cool frame!

have fun on the mountain! :)

Unknown said...

A friend of mine made me a photo frame just like that! It is hanging in my studio with photos of my cats in it. The fabric, of course, was cat fabric. I love the terminology MAMIL. Got a good chuckle. Best of luck!

Tiffany said...

The photo frame is a great idea & a sweet gift for a re-decorated room. MAMIL...that's a hoot! My husband doesn't do lycra...or at least he doesn't do it yet. I hear ya on that Hunky Dory fabric, it's so darn pretty.

Pam said...

Such a great idea for a birthday gift!

Love the word - MAMIL - I know a few!

I worked on Saturday and I got to see the MAMIL's as they were starting there way up the highway - there weren't many of them as it was early yet. It was a good day for a ride.

Regina said...

I love the frame. I made some single ones for my kids but I put a full border around them so they are a little harder to get in and out. I'll have to try the corners next time! Very cute!

I LOVE Hunky Dory. Whatever you make with it will be gorgeous!