Thursday, August 26, 2010

During the summer I made....

a few things (besides the doll quilt you saw in my last post). I sort of wish I was going back to school in a couple of weeks because I actually have something to write in my "During the summer" essay. When I was a kid, I would practice this essay in my head in the final days leading up to THE FIRST DAY. Mostly, it consisted of stories about camping with my family, my birthday, visiting grandparents and Girl Guide camp. All great summer things!

Now that I'm a mom, summer quickly becomes "the season beyond my control" every year. We make plans. Plans change. New plans form. What I never seem to learn is that sewing commitments are very difficult (actually, near impossible) to keep over summer. One year I failed to quilt a show entry for September and had to pull it out of the show (embarrassing). This year my machine spent 9 unscheduled weeks in the shop, thereby pushing the limits of my Flickr swap commitments. Luckily I brought it home last week in time to finish the doll quilt, but in July I was to make a beach-themed mini for Terrie in the Mini QT swap group. I managed to piece it on my old Pfaff 1212, but quilting wasn't an option (missing darning foot, darnit!). So I did some hand-quilting for the first time in ages, which is fun if you only have to do a 12" quilt!


I also did a teeny amount of hand applique, a skill I learned from the expert of Piece O' Cake designs, Becky Goldsmith, several years ago (and admit that I never use!).

Mini QT July swap - sneak peek

And here it is: Terrie and I playing beach ball at the beach! This is a cute mini version of my beloved MuuMuu Bijoux quilt.

photo taken on the dock at my parent's cottage!

I saved the binding 'till I got to the cottage where my Mom has a lovely new Singer I could use.


And, then I waited. I just heard from Terrie that the quilt (plus chocolate!) just arrived....26 days after I posted it from small-town-Ontario. I had really given up hope!

We're heading to a sweet island this weekend with good friends. It's our final summer fling. I'll be back early next week with some very exciting news and a giveaway!!!


Krista said...

that is so cute!!! The handquilting is lovely.

So exciting news, huh? I want to know now! I'm too impatient to wait all the way until next week!

Amy Friend said...

The mini is wonderful! 26 days...that took longer than the pincushion from Michele but only by a couple of days!
I want to know the exciting news now too!! You shouldn't make friends wait like this :)

carol said...

Okay, what's the scoop??????? Fess up, babe!!!

meli B said...

The quilt is beautiful and a perfect summer piece. I know exactly what you mean about making plans for summer and then remaking them. In the end you are left thinking about where all the time went. You think you have all the time in the world and before you know it, its gone.

paulette said...

YIKES!! Pick that up off the ground!! ;o) What a nice reminder of your summer of 2010!! Have fun...the weather is suppose to be nicer for the weekend!! Here's hoping!!

myBearpaw said...

That is a gorgeous mini, so cute - I love the fabrics and the style. I was trying to remember what it reminded me of and then I realised it was your Flickr icon!

Tiffany said...

"Very exciting news"...what a teaser! Your little mini is a beauty and I really like the shot of it on the dock - so summery. I sure feel your pain on your sewing machine being in the shop. Nine weeks has got to be some kind of record! Glad to hear it's finally home. Enjoy your weekend.

Micki said...

What a beautiful mini quilt! Can't wait to hear what the exciting news iS!
Enjoy your weekend!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Ooooh, I love both your little quilts; the mini and the doll quilt! Well done making anything at all during the summer; I sure haven't (but I sort of knew I wouldn't...).
I know what you mean about making plans, dropping them, making new plans etc. The joy of being a part of a family of more than 1 I guess. Plans sometimes seem to work less of a recipe for what to do and more like a list of what you didn't get around to.

Helen said...

Ohhhh, I love this one too! I have some of the same fabric in my stash! Cool hey?

Dianne said...

Love the mini mu mu bijoux. You certainly learned your lessons well from Becky, that appliqued ball is perfection!! So now I am on pins and needles waiting to know what the news is.....oooh I can hardly wait!!!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

perfect name for that quilt, by the way! :)

I love the hand quilted look. :)