Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One for the boys....

We live near a sweet 3-block long village called Edgemont. Almost every weekend, we all walk down the block to SIL's house, pick her up and continue to stroll into the village for coffee, hot chocolate (fruit smoothies these days!) and half an hour of relaxing & visiting on a corner bench before heading back home. There is a very active merchants association that is extremely community-focussed. Not only are there summer street concerts every Friday night in July/August, but last weekend they sponsored the first Show'n Shine.

I'm not really a car girl. I just like colourful, shiny things. My Dad and two brothers, on the other hand, LOVE all things car. I think each of my brothers has dissected an entire engine and laid out each and every piece on a tarp in my poor mother's living room at one point in their lives. Youngest brother is into VW's and has a couple of Scirocco's (gotta have one or two for parts, right?) but drives a Jetta or his work pick-up. Older younger brother has a DeLorean parked in his garage (not sure if it's running - he is busy raising 4 kids at the moment and driving things like older Volvo wagons, Yukons and now a VW van). The DeLorean was definitely a pre-kid purchase, as was his crotch-rocket of a motorcycle! And last but not least, Dad has a refurbished, antique pearl-white MG convertible that he used to drive me down the 'aisle' (driveway) for our front yard wedding almost 16 years ago.

That was a big digression (sorry.... I'm such a chatterbox!). So, in the spirit of shiny and colourful, here are some pix from the Edgemont Village Show'n Shine.









This is more matte than shiny, but it is a stainless steel bodied deLorean like brother owns.

Fancy a martini? This Bentley is fully set up!

'Kay, that's it for cars. I'm off to work on my mini QT swap quilt for July - lots of colour, not so much shiny.

Happy day!


Holly said...

If I owned a deLorean, I would absolutely fit it with a time machine display. Otherwise, what's the point?

Dianne said...

I love this post Krista and the photo of the yellow car with the whitewall tire is an art quilt just waiting to happen!!!