Friday, July 16, 2010

Nature's Gifts Part II & a special something....

Some of you may remember this post and this post with photos of my spring garden. We don't have a lot of summer flowers, but these few have bloomed recently:




C + Au
C + Au

Aha, see how I snuck that in there? I just picked up my new ring from Jurgen at Forge & Form. He is a wonderful German goldsmith who (he claims) is the only person locally who actually forges his gold jewelry (no pouring molten metal for him!). He made our wedding rings 16 years ago, but mine needed a re-build because the channel setting of small baguette diamonds and sapphires had completely worn down, leaving the stones exposed. The re-build would be pricey and I wasn't even sure I still liked the ring I designed when we got married.

My wonderful grandmother Paula left me her engagement ring. The setting was worn and the ring much too big for me....after Bryan proposed (without hardware) she said to me "don't worry, one day you'll have my diamond." I was so touched that she would say that, but it was never spoken of again until she passed away two years ago. So, that gorgeous diamond you see was hers, now mine, and as I told D this morning, one day it will be hers. Jurgen took my original ring back in trade and made me this amazing new one with Nan's diamond and 18K gold.

Thanks, Nan. We miss you.

Devan & Nan
D & Nan, August 2006

nan and devan
D & Nan, August 2007

I love that I have this beautiful remembrance of her with me always, to look at each day and think of her. She was an amazing woman; she and her great-granddaughter got on like a house on fire. It was so sad that we lived almost 6000 km apart, at opposite ends of Canada, but we were always in touch and loved each other greatly. As you can see, she had extraordinary fashion sense - always wore matching earrings, hair accessories & shoes....just one of the many things she and D had in common (along with spunk!!).

Tomorrow we depart for a 3 week visit to Ontario where we'll spend time with family and friends. I won't be blogging much, but may stop in for a few photo essays of our summer fun.
Take care friends!


paulette said...

What a lovely post...and your ring is stunning!! Your grandma would be so proud!! And down the road....WAY down the road...D will LOVE it as a keepsake of you both!! Take care and have a wonderful holiday!!

Unknown said...

WOW what at stunning ring and what a tribute to a lady who you all loved so very very much
Enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed with plenty to share

Dianne said...

Krista this post made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Such beautiful flowers and a sneaky peek at your ring - how lovely!!! Thanks for sharing your Nan and your loving memories of her with us.
I hope you, B, D & T have a great holiday!!!

Krista said...

Oh, Krista, that is amazing! How special to be able to make something so unique out of your Nan's diamond. Have a fantastic time at the cabin!

Tiffany said...

The photos of your grandmother and your daughter are precious. I especially love the 2006 photo, where your grandma is giving such a great hug and that lovin' life smile. How very special that you have her diamond in your gorgeous new setting. That's quite a story and a beautiful heirloom. Enjoy your vacation!

LesQuilts said...

Hi there! Don't know how you can leave the beautiful part of the coast where you are, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do...
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On the right side of the road. Pam's Petals and Pots are on the other side.
Tell Louise (the owner) I said hi!
She'll give you free newsletters for other quilt stores on your way and an area booklet with coupons for lunch!
Wishing you a wonderful drive!
Leslie from Les Quilts

carol said...

Your ring is wonderful. My niece is wearing my mother's engagement diamond on her finger. Her husband wanted to buy her a diamond, but she wanted her grandmother's instead. I think it's a wonderful tribute to the love of family and the woman who have gone before. Hopefully, someday my DD will want mine.

Nova said...

such a beautiful ring Krista - and so precious in so many ways.
Have a fabulous trip, travel safe.

Amy Friend said...

That ring will be so special to you and later your daughter! What a wonderful gift from your grandmother. Your design is lovely too. I hope you enjoy wearing it! Enjoy your vacation. We'll miss you!

Vivian said...

What a beautiful ring, and what a way to remember someone so remarkable in your life.

Have fun on your trip!

Micki said...

What a touching post and the ring is just so beautiful and holds such wonderful memories.

trish said...

My wedding ring also has the diamond that was in my grandmothers ring...and I do love it for just that very reason. Your ring is beautiful...have a wonderful trip.

ayumills said...

What a great story about your grandmother and your ring! Reading your post made me just smile..!

Have a fun trip, Krista!

Andrea C said...

What a lovely story and such a beautiful ring. Thank you for sharing