Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guerilla Knitting on the Bruce

Here we are, visiting my parents cottage on 'the Bruce'.....the Bruce Peninsula, that is. There are a lot of fun things going on and we're having a fantastic family time! My parents have left for the long weekend, taking D with them to Prince Edward Island to visit my sister and her family.
So, it's me and the boys (husband B, son T and my youngest brother S who is 33 going on 18). You won't believe what they got up to last night....if you really want to know, you can see it in motion here. I'll give you a hint: Tresemme hair spray, PVC pipe, a BBQ igniter and a potato. It's worth a quick view and you'll make T's day by racking up the views on his first ever YouTube post.

A few days ago we went into town for dinner on the harbour. While waiting for our table, we walked out to the lighthouse and saw this! How excellent!

guerilla knitting - mooring cozy
You can see this mooring ring has been bolted to the limestone for a very long time - check out the groove worn in the rock around it. I wonder if the knitted cover once went the whole way around the ring?
guerilla knitting - mooring cozy2

lighthouse at Big Tub Harbour, Tobermory

In other knitting news, my Mom has been busy since we arrived. I think she's finished 4 pairs of socks in the last week and a half. A pretty pink pair for D, another pair of ankle socks plus a regular pair for me and another for a family friend. I think she's up to pair # 155 or so. A veritable sock-knitting machine, she is.

With the cottage a little less busy, I've pulled out my fabric and started piecing the tree skirt - it's fun to be sewing here. I also managed to complete and mail my MiniQT swap quilt for July. I can show you a photo once my partner in California receives it.

There's lots more to share.....I'll be back soon!


Rachel said...

That is so awesome, Krista! There's a bicycle rack around the corner from my house that has been the victim (or proud recipient?) of some guerrilla knitting. When I get home, I'll snap a pic of it.

Your cottage vacation sounds lovely... anything by the water, eh? Heaven.

Heidi said...

Wow.. small world. I was at the lake with my kids and family on Wednesday and my cousin pulled out a potato canon that he made. Aquanet hair spray was our fuel of choice. So funny!

paulette said...

Hey I found a potato bullet in my backyard yesterday!! Hmmmm Too funny!! Your son will remember this FOREVER!! Your holiday sounds fantastic!! Thanks for taking us along!

anniem said...

I think I have that exact same photo of the lighthouse at Tobermory. We often head up the Bruce as we live in Orangeville (N of Toronto). We had gone over to Flowerpot Island for a day trip , then stopped and checked out the lighthouse , maybe the kids went for a swim??? and then back down to the cottage we were renting further down the Bruce on Miller lake. As a geologist you must go a wee bit nutso on the escarpment. Enjoy Ontario (I am a B.C. transplant myself) Ann

Dianne said...

I'm still chuckling over the potatoe gun, I think the best part was your laughter!!!! As always your photos tell a wonderful story. We are looking forward to stories at stitch.

pinksuedeshoe said...

OK seriously? That is probably the coolest thing ever. I LOVE it! Looks like you are having a wonderful time, your pics are gorgeous!

rstogether said...

Nice to have you back online, look forward to seeing you, and hearing all the stories of vacation.

Micki said...

Wow! What a lovely spot to sew! Enjoy your visit!