Monday, June 21, 2010


Gasp. Gasp.

That's me, coming up for air. What a month June has been so far and we still have a week and a half to go! The quilt show was a biggie in terms of time, energy and excitement. As soon as it was over, I parked myself in front of the monitor to finish design and layout of the Grade 7 grad yearbook for T's class. That is now all safely at the printer's. Then, there was my fall magazine pattern and sample to complete for Heather, a two-day field hockey tournament, teacher gifts to buy on behalf of the class, the first meeting of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, school Sports Day, D's year end Cirkids performance and a rather feeble attempt at Father's Day yesterday. I don't often lose my mojo, but I'm getting pretty close here! I even took a nap on Saturday!

I know I still owe you a photo of my blooming 9-patch from the show. The weather has either been brilliant sunshine, or rain, so I still don't have a decent one to put up here.

Instead, I'm going to show you this amazing dress that I spied on the sidelines of D's final field hockey game of the season on Saturday. Meet Kirsten:


Her niece plays on D's team. She is a video game producer and is about to launch a new venture: a gaming company run by women, that creates apps and games just for women! Gaming is not my thing though, so we stuck to embroidery and crewelwork. Kirsten created this masterpiece during many plane trips for work....


I was sure to let her know about the next local Swap-o-rama-rama happening this Saturday at the Vancouver Museum. She's gotta wear this dress!

IMG_2900 IMG_2901

This may be my favourite part...a mini dress-on-a-dress complete with peace medallion.


Oh, and the field hockey game was the BEST!! D scored a blistering goal on a sweep shot from the right wing and assisted on a couple of others. It was smokin' hot for those girls out on the turf, but they all played their best game ever and won 5-0.

The rest of this week is full of driving for end-of-year field trips, T's band concert, T's graduation party, teacher present presentations....all culminating in a family trip up the coast on Friday for a couple of nights of R&R in a beach cottage. Phew.

I may try to squeeze in a nap or two. Is June this insane for everyone?


Holly said...

Wow, Krista, you deserve a vacation! Enjoy your time at the beach cottage. Happy Summer!

Rachel said...

That is a pretty amazing piece of art, that dress. Wow!
Have a lovely holiday. Sounds like you need a break!

Jamie said...

Wow! You deserve an award for being the busiest girl ever! I think that nap was just what you needed! Cool dress!

♥Duff said...

I think it's time for another retreat--remember how refreshed you felt after the last one??
Maybe a mini-spa day?

Beautiful girl, love the dress! (where she is now I can only guess..♪ ♫ Violent Femmes)

Berene said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dress! So spontaneous. Very inspiring and just everything divine. Thanks for sharing.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

You poor thing! You should take naps every day. June is often a bit on the crazy side here as well with all things that needs to come to an end before the summer holidays and husband having an even tighter schedule than usual. I already have a long list of to-do-s for August and September, but July will be quiet time; well most of it anyway.
Now, you'll need to take care of yourself in the middle of everything!!