Monday, June 14, 2010

HEADLINE: Doll Quilts Inspire Ooohs and Aaaahs!

Just in case my DQS9 partner is stalking me (howdi pardner!), I created this lovely collection of quilties that I ♥ big time.

For those reading that have no idea why I'm writing in secret code, it's like this: I have once again signed up for one of the most amazing swaps running on Flickr. It's a blind swap (we don't know who is sewing for us, only who we have to sew for). To make things fun, or a wee bit stressful depending on your personality, participants are encouraged to make an inspiration mosaic to help their partner get to know their tastes, preferences and quirky obsessions. This is supposed to help my partner figure out what to make for me:

Poppyprint's DQS9 inspiration 25

But here's the deal...for some people this can be extremely daunting. So, I'm here to say this to my partner: Don't panic. Enjoy yourself. I like A LOT of things when it comes to quilting (exceptions being cats, brown and Thimbleberries fabric). In fact, I am allergic to two of those things.

Making a mosaic of favourite quilts can be really revealing. For instance, it showed me that I am drawn to quilts that have a definite positive/negative thing going on with a clearly defined background (in most cases, white, grey or natural linen). I like graphic designs. Wonky piecing pleases me. Embroidery for embellishment or quilting also makes my heart flutter a little (I've had it checked out, nothing to worry about). Triangles, crosses and X's seem to show up a lot, don't they?

I think I'm pretty easy to please actually. One final note, I do appreciate a nicely finished binding.

So partner, snoop away, scroll through some of my blog posts, make yourself at home, get to know me a little if you don't already. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Great mosaic with lots of fun doll quilts. They all are so cheerful and happy!
I checked ou the sign up on Flikr the other day, but I think it was closed already.

Helen said...

Can't wait to see what YOU sew Krista!

carol said...

You've got some real beauties in there, all right! Wonder what will be in your next mosaic.

Heidi said...

Ok.. the first thing I thought when I saw your mosiac "She likes it all". Because there was some funky.. some modern.. and some traditional. I did notice bright colors too.

And I couldn't agree more with the cats, brown and thimbleberries. Although I've seen some gorgeous thimbleberries quilts.. the fabric never jumps out at me.

Can't wait to see what you get!

mag3737 said...

who ever heard of being allergic to brown?

myBearpaw said...

That's a really inspiring mosiac! I never got round to making mine so my partner will just have to make do with my 'favourites'!

Tiffany said...

I think the mosaic is a terrific idea. They're all very beautiful creations, they make me stare! Sounds like great fun, enjoy!

Lenora said...

You have an award at