Monday, June 7, 2010

Art For People

We had a great weekend! Lots of things were going on but I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of sewing, which makes me very happy.

Saturday morning was an early field hockey game down by the ocean for D, so I took the opportunity to go for an enjoyable jog/walk on the seawall before the game started. Afterwards, we came home so she could get busy with homework and I could make this little number in preparation for an afternoon visit with a friend:

martine's zippy II

My friend Martine and her husband Andy, the amazing couple behind Art for People were in town showing their art and selling it to benefit Nepal House and their Art for People foundation. I don't get to see the fabulous Martine very often, so I wanted to bring a little gift along.

martine's zippy

I had some scraps of Amy Butler home-dec weight cotton I was able to use in this one.

Their show was held in a local artist work/live loft that is used as an art therapy practice (both Andy and Martine are art therapists). Here we are on the balcony together.

me & martine

B and I really wanted to support our friends and acquire a piece of their original art. It was tough to decide. Martine had done a series of horses and elephants (my choices) and Andy had done a bicycle series (B's choice). Plus, there were quilt-ish houses - ooooh, tough decision!

art for people

Much of their work is painted on recycled doors, wood and fabric. There were several multi-media collages using paper, corrugated cardboard and paint. On pre-approval from my SIL, we bought her an elephant painting and then chose this one for ourselves.

Blue Horse & Red Flower II

I am so happy. Blue Horse & Red Flower II looks perfect in our dining room. Thanks Martine & Andy for a great visit and your beautiful art.

You can see more of their art posted on the Art for People website - go take a look!


Dianne said...

How Lovely Krista! I can hardly wait to see how it looks in your DR. I am amazed that you jogged, sewed that lovely zippy pouch and had time to walk down for a visit at COPS before going to the art show - you are amazing!!!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Love the pouch and I think you picked the perfect picture, it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pouch and aren't you lucky to have such a beautiful work in your dining room. Thanks for sharing their information.

paulette said...

Great choice- love the horse and red flower but the bicycle and flower is also gorgeous!! I can see why you had a tough time!!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

it's gorgeous art! I love the style.

cute little pouch too. I'm planning on re-learning how to sew in a zipper...I did it in junior high, but haven't since!