Monday, May 3, 2010

From Denmark with Love

Today is a very happy day. Through clouds of ash, my sweet swap box from Mette arrived today.

box of goodies

We met through blogging; you can follow her here at Erleperle. She is wonderfully talented at patchwork, crochet and knitting, too! Mette and I are both busy moms who love to create and share. We decided to do a private swap around Easter-time. I think my box for Mette is still en route...perhaps delayed by the ash cloud backlog, waiting in a warehouse in Toronto or Montreal to cross the Atlantic. I hope she receives it soon. In the meantime, I'll show you all the treasures that she sent to me!

A sweet drawstring bag and paper egg filled with wee wooden egg ornaments!

Beautiful ribbons, buttons, trims, tea and an angel stamp

matryoshka goods

Mette loves matryoshka dolls as you can see by all of those lovely creations - a doll, pin cushion, tissue holder (it even has matryoshka-printed tissues inside!), applique and fabric. That's not all, look at all of this other fabric and sweet trims:

Fabric swap

Little toadstools, can you stand it? Everything was so beautifully wrapped and considered.

Thank you so much Mette for this very special gift. I love all of your creations and appreciate your time and thoughtfulness putting my swap package together!
xo, Krista


Mette said...

You got it! Good you like it, Krista. It was fun to make a swap package for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how absolutely fabulous! The fabric and creations are just absolutely stunning! Gorgeous! I can't use enough words really to express my delight at just viewing them. I am certain you are going to create something wonderful with it and can't wait to see x

Heidi said...

What a wonderful box of goodies! You are very lucky. My grandmother used to live in Germany and used to send pkgs all the time. I really miss those boxes of foreign treasures!

Amy Friend said...

Wow, those are amazing little items there. I would have a hard time cutting into that selection of trim and fabrics. I would have to just look and look and look at them. I just checked out her blog and that baby sweater that she knit recently is so precious!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Oooh, lucky you!!! What a wonderful gift! As a novise in swapping - do you agree up front on what to include in your packages, or do you play it by ear?

Berene said...

Drool! Drool! You lucky fish! I love all the little Matryoshka's and the doodats. You know you have to be a good friend to have a good friend, so be grateful for yourself too.

susan said...

wow! that is such a special package. erleperle is such a talented person, i love looking thru her flickr pix. that matroshka fabric in the last pic is to die for