Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Feet

Ooooo, look at them! They're so happy in their new ankle socks....hand knit by my mom. My mom is a genius knitter and her specialty over the past few years has become socks. She's working towards 150 pairs! Her hand knit socks have become the coveted door prize at my quilting retreats, many of my friends are buying them 6 pairs at a time and we can't get enough of them here....I think my family of four must have about 20 pairs.

blue ankle sox

A while ago I asked her to try some ankle socks. I like ankle socks best and these are my current favs - they arrived in the mail yesterday. Each pair is made from different yarn she picks up from every wool shop she finds on her and Dad's travels...I've got blends of soy, silk, cotton, wool and even some wacky stuff called 'chitin' made from crab shells (check it out, it's for real....really!). I can tell you that particular yarn is called Tofutsies because I actually bought that skein at my LYS.

Unfortunately the porcelain tiles in my hallway and kitchen wreak havoc on my precious socks, so I'll be taking a few pairs home for repair this summer. Mom has started a new heel style (see the picture) that is supposed to be longer-wearing.

If you're a knitter and you want more info, I know nothing. I just wear 'em people.

Thanks Mom!!


Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I love your new socks; lucky you that have a mom that knits - and darn them! Before I became a quilter, I was a big time knitter, so I appreciate great socks when I see them.-)

paulette said...

Love the socks!! And you even shaved your legs...I'm impressed!! ;o) Mom will be so proud!!
Take care!

Andrea C said...

Awesome socks! John uses that heel style as well. At least on the last pair of socks he made me. You know - I think I must be on the short list of retreat people without a pair of your mom's socks. Hint Hint ;0)

Dianne said...

Me too Andrea! I just know I will be a winner someday though and can hardly wait! My Mom made socks for us years ago but they were not the stylin socks your Mom makes Krista. Lucky You!

Tiffany said...

Nothing pampers the feet like hand knit socks. Beautiful! Love the color.