Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We love it. B's mom was Dutch and he has several cousins and an aunt living in Holland. He has visited many times and before we had children, the two of us had two wonderful vacations there with his family. Two years ago, we took T & D for 5 weeks and had an incredible time. Friends (and a few cousins!) were amazed that we planned to spend so long in such a little country, but we never ran out of things to do, had lots of fun 'cousin' events, traveled up north to the Island of Tessel on our own for a week, went camping and saw so many sights. We rode fiets (bikes), ate pannekokken, cheese and frites mit mayonnaise, B drank about a million beers (I stuck with koffee vekkert - the Dutch version of a latte); we took trams, trains, busses, ferries and borrowed cars. We visited castles, museums, art galleries and the Anna Frank Huis. Finally T said "if we have to visit one more 'cute old town' I'm gonna diiiieeeeeeee."

It is almost impossible to take a bad photo on Amsterdam! I have hundreds of great shots of the gorgeous canal houses, like these ones.

kitty with canal houses

see the houses in the reflection behind the sleeping kitty?

crooked canal house

This little crooked house is likely one of the most photographed in the city.

Yesterday the most beautiful thing arrived in the mail. When I saw this on Heleen's blog, I knew I would buy it the second it hit her Etsy shop. I was lucky enough to grab it up before anyone else did! It arrived (no doubt through ash clouds over Iceland), all beautifully wrapped.


Look at this gorgeous bag! I am so unbelievably excited to carry this around with me!


It is beautifully constructed with the perfect trims, corduroy body, taped seams, and a jaunty orange gingham lining with perfect pockets.


Heleen and her sister find discarded stitcheries in thrift shops and repurpose them into one-of-a-kind messenger bags. They also use felted sweater panels and always chose the perfect embellishments to finish off the bags. Check out their shop - I bet you'll find something you like there.

Now I can take Amsterdam with me wherever I go!


Dianne said...

I thought the bag was fab in person but your photos and the story make it even more special. Kudos to the sisters for taking discarded stitchery (can you imagine throwing away all that work?!!) and giving it a new life. Lovely!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

That is one cool bag! How great to have a bag from a place with so many wonderful memories!
I have only been to Amsterdam once more than 20 years ago, and loved it too. We only stayed for a long weekend and daughter was 1.5, but we visited lots of museums, ate great food, did a lot of shopping, took a boat trip on the channels and brought home a bouquet of 100 tulips.

Bobbi said...

that messenger bag is the coolest!!! how fun!

Renee and Peter .... said...

Love, love the bag! Gorgeous!
Since Holland is my native country...where all my relatives still live, many in Amsterdam...I have visited often and share your enthusiasm!

alobsiger said...

What a fantastic trip that must have been! How wonderful to be able to get to know the place well over a longer visit. That bag is amazing...I became covetous when I saw it over on Flickr and had to do a quick google search to see the other treasures on offer. Great bag!!