Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just one more reason to live here....

Ornamental Cherry blossoms. Everywhere.


It's snowing soft pink petals...tiny drifts are forming at the sidewalk edges, piling up against the tufts of long, green grass. As our visiting Dutch cousin remarked on the weekend "there is a lot of spring happening here."


...but unfortunately (for me) not a lot of sewing. I hope to have something fabric-related to show you later in the week.

What are you working on? Any fun Easter projects happening out there?


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful. My mom and dad always talked about the beauty of seeing the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

Kiwi said...
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Anonymous said...

I miss the blue-y blue of cherry-blossum skies. I'm putting the borders on a rather ugly scrappy batik quilt top...yes it is possible for batiks to clash! Oh well. :) I'll post a photo when I can. Take care! Happy Easter! Kerrie

Berene said...

Hi Krista
I don't follow your blog as often as I should - it always leaves me feeling so inspired and chipper! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I LOVE your new cute chick header pic. Your blossoms are v.pretty. And I really LOVE the pic of Susie whizzing away on her spinning wheel. Such a great shot! These made a day of paperwork way more interesting. Thanks!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

You're way ahead of us springwise; we have just a few snowbells popping up so far.
I love the chickens in your header!
Not much Easter sewing here; I think I'm done with birds for now.-) I'm pretty much just playing with some ideas and scraps and planning quilting a top that has been waiting for too long. If I'm really good, I can have it finished by Easter so I can sew on the binding during the holidays; but I'm not holding my breath.

rstogether said...


Love the chicks! There's nothing better than fluffy cherry trees, and petals in the gutters (in place of trash). Thanks always for the fabulous pics. Rebecca

Pam said...

That is a lovely picture. I am trying to figure out where that was taken?

Vivian said...

I just wanted to point out that while you are enjoying where you live we've run out of cut firewood. Yep....-22C for a few days although we've warmed up today and are able to shovel our way out of our latest dumping.

But you have flowering trees, I'm so happy for you!

Seriously though, how pretty is that!!!! You must thoroughly enjoy living there.

Nothing Easter-y for me yet. I am making snakes though and will post pics by the weekend. Who knew snakes were so much fun. BTW, guess who got a gold star for her 1/4 inch seams last night at zig-zaggy snake class? I know, I know, you have flowering trees.