Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bloomin' great!

That's how I'm feeling today after completing another project last night while simultaneously zipping through the latest wacky episode of Lost, followed by a refreshing spring walk with the dog this morning. I am working away, ticking the 'done' box beside my March projects one by one.

I can't show you the whole thing until my Mini QT swap partner receives this (cos that would just spoil the surprise, wouldn't it?), but here's a wee peek at what's been blooming in my sewing room since the weekend:

March mini swap peek

Amy already spotted that photo on my Flickr stream and asked if it was inspired by my photos from last week. Roger that! I'm loving the cherry blossoms this spring. The giant magnolia trees have busted their buds as well and they are breathtaking (must get some pix today for you). Once I hear that Lisa has received this mini in the mail, I'll show you the whole works.

In other finishing news, the double-Irish Chain went off in the mail yesterday. I hope it will bring some comfort to my friend who is having surgery for breast cancer today. She has a long journey ahead. I have quite a bit of coordinating fabric left over, so I sent it along in the box. Her 10 year old daughter is an enthusiastic little sewist and maybe she'd like to make her mommy something, too.

Double Irish Chain

Double Irish Chain feather wreath

In domestic news, the house is filled with tulips, which have been abundant at every grocer and corner store here for weeks. I filled my prized Delft Tulip vase (my special mommy souvenir from our 2008 visit with B's relatives in the Netherlands) with pink frilly ones.


Are these called parrot tulips? The ones with the delicate, feathery edges on their petals?

March tulips

This vase is on the living room coffee table with my Easter table runner (the one you see up there on my banner). Check out the buttery yellow centres - aren't they amazing?!


And on the dining room table, aaaaah. I just love this colour but I don't know exactly how to describe it...cranberry pink? spring wine? What would you call it?


I'm off to the post office. I don't want to keep Lisa waiting any longer!


West Side of Straight said...

The Irish Chain Quilt is so beautiful. Your friend will love it so. I really like the tulip vase. Never have seen one like it. Our tulips haven't started coming up yet. Should soon with this earlier than normal warm weather. Your tulips a so pretty too. Have a great Easter.

Amy Friend said...

I have never seen a tulip vase either! I have something similar that is very tiny with holes all over it for violets. The quilt is beautiful and your friend is lucky to have it and you both to help her through this battle. What stitch length did you use to quilt that? I like how the stitches are rather prominent. I am envious of your springy feeling. It really isn't happening here in MA yet.

alobsiger said...

A lovely post -- your friend is sure to be wrapped in care with that beautiful quilt! Your sneak peek project is enticing and your tulips are sooooooo pretty! I was happy to see that my favorite ranunculus had returned to Trader Joe's for the spring.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I would call the colour gorgeous!
What a fabulous colourful post, Krista! I love it all; the sneak peek, your friends quilt and those tulips - oh so beautiful! And that vase - so cute! I once brought 100 tulips home from Amsterdam way back before digital cameras; tulips are the perfect symbol of SPRING!

carol said...

What amazing photos, Krista. I was in heaven looking at those gorgeous tulips and your wonderful quilts. You've been a busy girl!

paulette said...

Your Irish Chain quilt is going to put a smile on your friend's face and a warm spot in her heart! She is going to love it!! And thanks for all the lovely tulip pics...mine have probably finished blooming....hope they were as lovely as yours!

ayumills said...

Love all the photos in this post!
I can't wait to see the whole quilt! I'm sure it's even more beautiful as a whole!

Alicia said...

lovely works!! I would like to know if the pink flowers you made (the ones you made while watching Lost) are ok after washing up, Regards from a Lost follower!!

Poppyprint said...

Hi Alicia - blogger account is set to 'no reply' so I can't send you an email. The pink flowers are fused down with a product called Transweb. It is supposed to be permanent, but this is a wee art quilt and isn't really intended for the wash. I've never washed anything fused with this product, so I can't properly answer, sorry!

Dianne said...

Ooooohhh Krista! I am so intrigued, any chance of a sneek peek tomorrow? I would call that colour "spring heart pink" if I were in charge of naming tulip colours. It certainly reflects your passion for the season! Beautiful, Beautiful.

Alicia said...

Thanks for your fast answer! see you arround here ;)

Vivian said...

That quilt is beautiful. Really it is. I hope that the recipient feels treasured wrapped in it.

Oh and a great peek you gave mind is whirring with what it could look like. L

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love all these photos, they are gorgeous tulips and the vase is wonderfully quirky. I must say your work is stunning, thanks for sharing it has brightened my day :)