Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sorry for the Confusion

Dear Olympic Athletes, Coaches and Out of Town Spectators,

You have arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Home of the 2010 WINTER Olympics. You may think you've traveled through time to April. This is not the case. Today is Saturday, February 5th. Just because these

snowdrop 020510

are sticking up out of my front lawn, and these

primula 020510

are growing out of last year's dead leaves, and this

Hellebore 020610

is having it's best showing EVER, along with this tree:

camilia bud 020510

doesn't mean that we aren't ready for you. Au contraire, we are psyched!!

The hay has been trucked in and the snow has been pushed down from the mountaintops to cover it. We are decked out in our red and white finery. We have our precious tickets (men's qualifying aerials, Canada vs Norway men's hockey, mens team pursuit short track speed skating), our flags and our face paint. The torch relay will run by our house on Wednesday and all of the kids will skip school to be there, cheering on the torch-bearers.

2010 Olympics here we come!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! You are more ready then me. Can you stop the torch at your house? i could not get out of work and will miss it..... :(

Bobbi said...

very exciting for you!!! i LOVE the olympics! ill even cheer a little for canada this time. winkwink.

paulette said...

Yeah....go Canada go!! My daughter is so excited as her boyfriend got TWO tickets to a hockey game for his birthday!! We have satelite TV so we get all of the local news so it is very exciting! I'm glad everyone is hyped up about it! Hope all goes well!

Heidi said...

My parents live in North Dakota - my Mom told me the other day on the phone that they were taking snow from ND and MN off the lakes and trucking it to you guys. Crazy!

But I actually thinks that it will make the event a little more enjoyable.. beautiful scenery and some great events! Those flowers are so pretty!

Have fun! I'll be watching.. wave to me.

West Side of Straight said...

What beautiful flowers!!!!!!!! Can't wait to watch the Olympics on TV. Visited your blog thru Sweet P Quilting. Love what I see, and will be following too! Live in Northern MN. I love gardening and quilting too.

What Comes Next? said...

Wahoo! Let the games begin! We don't have any tickets, but will be watching on the TV. Lots of snow up at Whistler, its just our local mountains :( that are hurting. My SD will be dancing at the BC Celebration night, and also at the Irish House's nightly celebrations. Pretty exciting!
I'm loving looking at all my crocuses and primroses in bloom, and your camelia looks gorgeous! A little bit colder would be good for the mountains, but sounds like they have it all under control.
Welcome world!

jacquie said...

we've got snow...more coming tonight...i'll be sure and send it your way! seriously, you must be totally psyched. i went to the montreal olympics...spectator only, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. hope to do it again. enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista - nice blog. Your work is beautiful. I'm almost inspired to trade in my knitting needles for a sewing needle! Kris J.

Susan said...

Gorgeous flowers! I wish ours were peeking up but it's toooooo cold and snowy here in the SOUTHERN US! lol