Thursday, February 11, 2010

C'mon Baby Light My Fire

Yesterday's torch relay really got everyone around here into the Olympic spirit. In true Vancouver form, it was pouring rain, but that didn't dampen the children's enthusiasm!!! There were about 400 people at the corner, many of them families and teachers from our elementary school. We had to wait about an hour, but the kids held their school banner, sang O Canada over and over....then finally the procession made it up the very big hill to us...

torch runner Lonsdale2

The people in black running gear are RCMP officers, keeping the torch runner safe from crowds.

Lonsdale torch runner

And there she goes! Quickly, we ran down the hill so we could spot another leg of the relay at the opposite end of our block.

torch transfer

The kids LOVED seeing the flame transfer to the next runner, and after lighting her torch, they shared a very long, heartfelt hug before she turned to continue the route. That was very moving, actually.

family torch

Here we are! It was really fun and a great boost for the kids to finally have something tangible to signify the start of the games for them. Our first event is next Tuesday: Canada vs Norway Men's Hockey.

Go team Go!!


SueWis said...

Very very cool! A once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

oooh I'm feeling a little home sick...thanks for the post!!

paulette said...

I got goose bumps!! I loved your kids all decked out in true Olympic fashion! I was lucky enough to see the torch runner too...I was on my way to a quilt shop in Langford(Victoria)...Yikes!I think I have a problem...need to get to a quilt shopaholic meeting...quick!! But back to the Olympic...your children will remember this FOREVER!! I am so glad that you are taking them to a game even though it probably cost you a months worth of groceries!! or MORE! It's memories like this that your kids will talk about to their own kids!! There will be lots of remember good for you!!

I see Wayne Gretzky arrived in Vancouver you think he will be the "one" to light the cauldron...after all he is the Great One!!
Go Canada Go!!
Take care!

Bobbi said...

GO CANADA!!! how FUN for you and your kids! once in a lifetime thing. i love hockey, so ill cheer for my north neighbors.

Amy Friend said...

How exciting! It must be so neat to be a part of it all.

happy zombie said...

I'M SINGING O Canada as I'm reading this!