Friday, January 29, 2010

(Not exactly) Free Fabric Friday

Most of you must be on to Sew Mama Sew's weekly giveaway on Free Fabric Friday, right? If not, get clicking on over there! I won a $20 certificate from them once, but haven't yet had the pleasure of receiving free fabric chosen 'specially by the clever gals that run this amazing online store, forum and blog.

Today this arrived **swoon**:


Alexander Henry's Lorenza + some Essex cotton/linen in putty. It wasn't free, but it was on sale for $7.20/yd, which is an amazing price for a Canadian quilter looking for hard-to-find incredible modern prints (even with the shipping fees!).

I'm seeing dresden plates. Not just in my imagination, but all over blogland, these days. I'm so inspired! How do you feel about including some fuschia, grey, pink and marigold Kona solids with these prints all on the putty linen? hmmmmmm.


paulette said...

I LOVE your new fabric and YESSSSS!!! to the dresden plates and the Kona fabric!! It's lookin' a lot like spring at your house....;o)

Ariane said...

Oh that sounds great!!! Love the fabric!!!!

Susan said...

Gorgeous! What about a green, too, Krista? My monitor makes it look like there's a dusty green in the far right fabric.... the one with the 3-eyed sunglasses-wearing leaves! rofl

I'm really sorry that fabric is SO expensive for you guys up north. I wish there was a way around that.