Thursday, January 7, 2010


Over the holidays I ran into a lot of people that I haven't seen for some time. That was nice. Meetings like these seem to me like a gentle badminton game, the conversational birdie volleying back and forth, answers hanging in the air until a new question is formed: How are your kids?, Did your kitchen reno work out?, How was the camping holiday in August?, What grade is your son in now?, Are you still riding/running/skiing?....and eventually, the one we've all been waiting for. How's work? What are you doing?

Lucky for me, I am gushing with enthusiasm over my current occupation: Quilting Blogger. I quit my job at the end of October to focus on creative work, try my hand at blogging and finish (some) of the zillion projects that occupy my brain and sewing room.

So (eventually they ask), how do I find your blog? Therein the problem. If this is my work now, I need to be somewhat professional, no? So yesterday I decided to explore the world of MOO cards. I have known about them for some time, after my first Etsy purchase last winter that came with the most adorable mini business card.

poppy squircle

MOO cards are the easiest, most fun online order I have ever made. I had such a good time making Poppyprint cards with photos of my projects and poppies, I took some more pictures to make some for my Mom. Soon, she'll receive 100 minicards for Sybil's Socks. The best, most comfortable, handknit socks in the universe.

Sybil's socks1

My family alone has at least 20 pairs. I think she's knit around 115 so far over the past few years since learning how to turn a heel. She and Dad spend a LOT of time traveling by car. She's one of the lucky ones that can ride shot-gun, alert Dad to wrong/missed turns, spy quilting/knitting/gourmet shops and knit all at once.

The MOO cards are the least I can do to thank her for sending a pair of coveted-door-prize socks for every QBTB!


floribunda said...

My sister bought some MOO cards not too long ago with pictures of her textile and glass art pieces (separate items, not textiles and glass together!) and they are too cool. I love the socks photo for your mom.

Anonymous said...

All the best to you and your craft business! I have been a full-time artist/crafter/blogger for two years now and it still often feels like I had just begun... My first business cards were Moo cards too!