Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've made it through the holidays and now, kid's birthday week. Yes, both of our children are in the first week of January and by the time the birthdays are done, so am I!! Sometimes we save our celebrations with friends to later in the month, but this year with people getting older, we decided to go to movies in lieu of a big party. The boys saw Avatar. Unbelievably, spectacularly, imaginatively awesome (but that's just my opinion). The girls saw Leap Year. Let's just say that it functions as a very nice tourism video for Ireland.

D had 3 friends sleepover after the movie and asked me if I would make them all something small as their 'loot bag'. I'm happy to oblige, but the request was made on Thursday...sleepover was set for Friday. Sheesh. I used Valori Wells' cute wallet pattern that some friends and I picked up at the Stitchin Post in Sisters last July.
b'day wallets1

b'day wallets open

D had fun choosing all of the fabric combinations for each friend individually. She thought about each of them very carefully, trying to decide on just the right fabric, taking her time. A girl after my very own heart! Before she started touching, she first asked "is anything off limits?". To which I replied (after first taking deep breath) "of course not honey, anything you like in my stash, we can use." Aren't I a big girl?

T's birthday was a biggie for me...there's a teenager in da house! The most significant impact of this milestone for me is the realization that in less than 1/2 the time he's been in our lives already, he'll be gone from us! I hope he doesn't go too far. My family has a tendency to do that (go far, that is...my poor Mom). T's closing in fast on my height, is wearing the same shoe size as B and has started attending the 'teen' dances at the rec center. Here we go!!


What Comes Next? said...

Those wallets are very cute - way to go to get them done so quickly! My SD turned 21 this year - to me she'll always be that cute little 4 year old who only wore skirts and they had to be twirly ones! Not sure how thay can age so quickly, and we don't gain a year??

paulette said...

Hi Krista,
Yes it won't be long before they fly the coop!!
BUT they go with some VERY fond memories...like "remember the year you made the awesome wallets for all my friends!" What a mom!! Good stuff!
Enjoy them while you can. The teen years are the best!! ;o) I say now....
Take care!

Kathy P said...

Love the little wallets! I'm curious about your labels. Are you willing to share how how make them? Or did you order them? (p.s. just finished my first Buttercup Bag - love it!!!)

Jennifer said...

Hi Krista! I am thrilled to know you took time from your obviously busy schedule to take a look a my little blog. I must say I am in awe of your talents (as I am of your sister's as well). Between the two of you, I have so much inspiration (and an ever-growing list of "I-want-to-do-that"). Of course, you can post pictures of the ballet dolls; I would be honored. I look forward to your future creations. Jennifer
Oh, thanks for noticing how we put the tissue box up there; I have been "teased" for being anal retentive but it gives me such glee -- sad, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love your loot bags. What wonderful party favors!

Micki said...

The wallets are so cute! It's amazing how the different fabrics.