Monday, December 21, 2009

Let there be light

What a weekend. Yesterday, B and I spent the day in a haze of post-Christmas party exhaustion, dehydration and general feelings of "what just happened?" Two house parties (grown-up variety), 2 circus performances by daughter D, two open houses and a Dutch pancake lunch. Phew. I have pretty much completed my shopping, so was not at all stressed about spending the weekend away from the crowded stores. It's been years since we had such a social 48 hours. To commemorate our survival, we watched "The Hangover" last night. Don't worry, our weekend was nothing like the night those guys had!!

To help us regroup and recharge, a convenient power outage occurred at 5:30 pm last evening. I happen to enjoy the peace and quiet of a power outage in winter (as long as it only lasts a few hours and I don't have anything half-way cooked in the oven). We live in a neighbourhood with very tall trees so high winds and/or torrential rains can result in power failures for a few hours, or on rare occassions, a couple of days. Our usual reaction is to all camp out in the living room with candles, the gas fireplace on and individual headlamps lighting our books or magazines. Very cozy family time, indeed. Well yesterday we were all so tired and stuffed from the neighbours open house buffet that the four of us (plus doggie) all napped through the 2 hour outage (I got the couch with dog, B got the wing chair and T & D took the fireplace benches). Upon reflection, the group nap was probably not the safest thing to do with candles burning throughout the house.....


Good thing I had recently purchased this handsome silver reindeer candle-abra. It did a great job illuminating the living room. The lights came back on before 9, the kids went up to their beds and we watched the movie.

So, my gifts are all wrapped (this is definitely a new record of advance preparation for me). I would still like to bake some stollen bread and do a last grocery shop before the big day. Other than that, there are two UFO's on my "Joy in the New Year" list that are desperate for some attention over the holidays.

There is a fabulous giveaway for you to check out at my newest blogroll addition, Mrs. Moen. Nina makes beautiful modern quilts in Norway and her Snowy Village Table runner is just the ticket to a fabulous table for next Christmas! Look:

I may be back over the holidays, but can't make any promises. If it cools down and we get some more snow on the local mountains, I hope to ski, ski, ski! So, friends, I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. xox.


Annieofbluegables said...

I LOVE that table runner. It looks like a neighborhood of houses. Such pretty colors!
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Micki said...

Your blog is so nice! That table runner is outstanding! She is very talented! We are having really frigid temps here in Ireland, so a cozy day by the fire is in order.
Enjoy your holidays!