Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More from the island.....

Still working away here on the family Christmas presents. Only today and tomorrow remaining (until we fly to Toronto, where the I'll leave the gifts for everyone to pick up at my parent's place). The race is on....

Before I sign off for a 2-1/2 week break, I thought I'd share a few more retreat photos with you. Here on Canada's "Wet" coast, November is the perfect time for a quilting retreat. The weather always cooperates by raining most of the weekend, so there is no guilt about staying inside and sewing all day. There were several forays into the village for lattes and some shopping during the sky breaks, but most of us got a good soaking on our walk back to the lodge because the rain never stopped for long! The Lodge is located on Bowen Island, a 20 minute ferry ride from the mainland. Many people live on Bowen and commute into Vancouver daily for work...even the high school students have to travel by ferry to the mainland for school each day.

Here's our ferry after dropping us on the island:

Bowen ferry

...and another view of the ferry from the lodge:


No shortage of seagulls lining the dock:

lodge dock

Here's the main hall where we work (see the chaos a few posts ago...)

Bowen Lodge By the Sea

Everyone operates their own little quilting empire on retreat. I love seeing how different quilters like to set up their machine, notions, light, cutting station, snacks, wine glass...etc. There was a lot of production this year. Barbara went into overdrive on these sweet little wallets (a Valerie Wells pattern picked up at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters this summer).

barbara's wallets2

An exciting thing happened for me. I read instructions! Yes, another truth comes out. I tend to be a forge-aheader, a 'surely I can figure this out by myself'-type. But, when it came to automatic buttonholes on a new machine, I decided to go by the book.

auto button-holer

And guess what? It only took about 2 minutes and it worked perfectly on the first try! Imagine!! Proof:

christmas pillow back

Hmmm, doesn't really show the actual button holes, but take my word for it. They are under the buttons and they are absolutely perfect!!

Okay, now I really must be off to finish a few things, pack my bag (sunscreen - check, bathing suits - check, two great novels - check, new passport cover - in progress!).

Byeeeee! Back in early December. In the meantime, you can find me here (I may be reading, playing frisbee with the kids, snorkeling, snapping shots of stunning orchids, exploring caves, eating delicious gifts from the sea, or simply bobbing in the waves). But, I will not be stitching. I don't know how I'm going to survive the flights without needle and thread, but I've promised to leave it at home and take a break from all things quilty.

All the best with your gift production, holiday projects and baking!!!!


What Comes Next? said...

I've been to the Lodge for work purposes in the past - gorgeous location, and just perfect for a sewing retreat. Good luck finishing up your prezzies, and - I am so envious - enjoy your vacation!

Gabriela said...

Hello from Toronto,

Love your blog and these photos!
They make me want to visit beautiful B.C. again!

~ Gabriela ~