Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Work and a Shout Out for Democracy

After a biblical start to the day (rain-wise, that is) Monday turned out just ducky. The clouds parted, the sun shone down and everything started steaming. Thick rolls of steamy mist curled off the cedar shakes of our garden shed, off the top rail of the fence, off our neighbour's garage roof, off the bark of the trees. It was a little Hallowe'en-ie out there for about half an hour! All misty, spooky-like. Except it was sunny, so I wasn't afraid.

In fact, Flynn and I went for a mid-morning stroll. I never realized how camo he is at this time of year. Spot the mini-dachshund (just follow the blue leash):

camo flynn

camo flynn2

After lots of sniffing, investigating, looking up at falling leaves and generally holding up our walk, he discovered this sweet little faerie-land of mushrooms, with water drops still clinging to their caps.


That certainly was an unexpected little break in our day.

Yesterday I promised photos of my QBTB finishes (and I gotta tell you, I don't have much success making big things while working a retreat, I stick to smaller projects that I am familiar with...that don't require a lot of complicated instructions, so I can socialize, entertain and have fun!) I finished two of Rae's Buttercup Bags that I will donate to a fundraiser silent auction.

buttercup bag2

buttercup bag interior2

buttercup bag

buttercup bag interior

Rae offers this bag pattern FREE on her blog Made by Rae, or you can buy a licensed version if you want to sell them!

Okay, here's the Shout Out for Democracy segment of today's post. If you've been following along here lately, or anywhere in crafty blogland for that matter, then you know about the sew, mama, sew Scrap Buster Tutorial Contest. They received 114 tutorial entries!!!! The prize: 3 chances at $50 of fabric from their gorgeous shop. Amazingly generous. The girls decided it was too many entries to judge, so they've thrown it back at us and asked us to VOTE for our favs. The good news is, everyone gets 8 votes, so USE 'EM! Scoot on over there now and exercise your democratic right! Don't delay! And, you know, if you're having trouble deciding which box to tick, the Crop Circle Table Runner can be found in group 2.

The following statement is not a bribe, just a friendly little fyi: If I win $50 of fabric, there's gonna be a giveaway....right here, right quick. With $50, I could buy 5 yards of LOVE! Then, as stated in yesterday's post, I could Share The Love! And, in case you haven't noticed, I really like to share.


What Comes Next? said...

must head right over and vote - thanks for the heads up! Love your Buttercup Bags by Rae - I've printed it off, but haven't made any yet. This reminds me why I printed it off in the first place! I'm looking forward to your giveaway!

Pam said...

I voted for you Krista! Hmmm - that might just work for my table runner. I am looking for an idea for the indigo fabric I bought from Kitambaa. I think it would be great to go with the Jerusalem tiles.

Good luck!

urban craft said...

nice job on the buttercups! Lovely fabric and a wonderful donation!