Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deck the walls....


...with kitty scarecrows, fa la la la la, lalalala. Or should that be Mwah hahahahaaaa, ha ha ha haaaa? Now that (Canadian) Thanksgiving is behind us, it's time to bust out some spooky decor.


I've been pretty forthright of late regarding my love of pumpkins. These pillows are no exception. I just LOVE them. If you do too, the pattern is available from a B.C. designer called Bella Moon, available here. They did take the better part of a weekend quilting retreat to finish (but the decorative stitching just makes them, so it was well worth it).


We don't go too crazy, but I've made these few things for Hallowe'en that get us in the mood around here. Most of my October sewing time in the past has been busy with costume-making. Speaking of witch, I mean which, we need to get going on that! There is talk of D being Elvis (not too difficult for a skinny, almost 11 year old, blond girl - Yikes!). T's thinking of going with a friend as Ernie & Bert. I love it! This is T (on the left) and his friend last year - this was totally their own idea, but I did have to help with the booties and boxers...


Check the ears. Cutest. Christmas. Elves. Ever!

Edited to add: HEY! There's another awesome giveaway in blogland! check out Jenny's generous giveaway at cutsewironrepeat


What Comes Next? said...

great costumes, love those pumpkin pillows, will be checking out that pattern soon

Jenny said...

krista, thanks for blogging about the giveaway. I'll make sure to give you an extra entry! Hope you win.