Friday, October 30, 2009

All Hallow's Eve


Here's how the kids went off to school this morning...


Hope you and your goblins have a bewitching weekend!! I just have some Bert hair repair to do...the dog ate it after school. Really! He did! He chewed Bert's red nose to shreds as well. AAAAArrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!

The Gathered Threads were over today. We all did a fun paper project and made ourselves orts boxes, (you can see the one Dorothy made me last year in the photo here). Photos coming over the weekend...when exactly depends on how severe my sugar hangover is.

What's your fav candy bag item that you steal from the kids? I love Rockets, those little round sugar candies in pastel colours all tightly rolled in cellophane.


mag3737 said...

those are properly called "smarties", you crazy canuck.

mag3737 said...